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Categorical Imperative vs. Utilitarianism

l law. Once it is clear that the maxim passes both prongsof the test, there are no exceptions. As a paramedic faced with adistraught widow who asks whether her late husband suffered in hisaccidental d ... o allrational beings. M1 succeeds in passing the first stage. We can easilyimagine a world in which paramedics always answer widows truthfully whenqueried. Therefore, this maxim is logical and everyon ...

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Compare and contrast between Firefighter and Paramedic

Target : CitizensFireman Vs. ParamedicSaving lives is the ultimate goal for both a fireman and paramedic, but their training and ... ry different. Firemen go through ten to twelve forty hour weeks of classroom and physical training. Paramedics go through two years of intense classroom training and must complete a designated amount ... of clinical hours, and current Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) course. During both fireman and paramedic training, both require extensive hands on , both can be mentally and physically challengin ...

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Bright Lights, Dim Drivers

Working as a paramedic, I am trained to save lives. Unfortunately, to do thissometimes I have to risk my own by s ...

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Well-trained paramedics can successfully perform emergency uncomplicated tracheal intubations during in-hospital ... to prehospital care things may become more difficult. For instance, this woman had no neck and the paramedic had little time to work with her because her condition was starting to deteriorate. The pa ...

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Flight #116 Is Down

- The Book is about an 18-year old boy named Patrick who is an EMT Hospital volunteer who is like a paramedic, but he has less knowledge than a paramedic does. He helps victims who have been in accide ...

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Emergency Medical Services

11-06-01 Future of EMS According to Mosby's Paramedic Textbook Second Edition " the extended scope of practice emerged from the cost-containment ... xtended scope of practice refers to expanding preventive health care services provided by EMT's and paramedics in the prehospital setting." Examples include medicines given by paramedic, and pro ...

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the YMCA as a lifeguard and swim instructor in the winter. I'm aspiring to become a Firefighter and Paramedic. I like to help people and that is why I am a lifeguard and would like to be a Firefighter ...

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Gear Up Essay

of these degrees could open up for me are pretty awesome. With an EMT I could be a fireman or be a paramedic. With a bachelor's degree, you could almost do any thing you could think of. From forestry ... of these degrees could open up for me are pretty awesome. With an EMT I could be a fireman or be a paramedic. With a bachelor's degree, you could almost do any thing you could think of. From forestry ...

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Career Research EssayMy future career interest is a paramedic. A paramedic's tasks and activities is to assess injuries, administer emergency medical ca ... vities is to assess injuries, administer emergency medical care, and extricate trapped individuals. Paramedics also transport injured or sick people into medical facilities. Paramedics are the ones wh ... red person. They also make sure to stabilize any serious ill person.The skills required to become a paramedic is to have service orientation, critical thinking, social perceptiveness, active speaking ...

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