Flight #116 Is Down

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Title- Flight #116 is Down Author- Caroline B. Cooney Setting- Nearing River Main Characters- Patrick and Heidi.

Summary- The Book is about an 18-year old boy named Patrick who is an EMT Hospital volunteer who is like a paramedic, but he has less knowledge than a paramedic does. He helps victims who have been in accidents or other problem, but Patrick doesn't like his job because he lives in a small town where no real accidents are reported. A lot of his calls are just false alarms. He always wished that a real tragedy would happen.

One day, a plane crashed in the back of a girl's home. Her name was Heidi. Heidi went to call the hospital because she noticed the plane that had crashed in her backyard. Later, the EMT Hospital volunteers from all around the state were called to help the survivors out of the plane wreckage.

Patrick finally got out of traffic to get to the crash sight so he could actually help out in a real accident. Heidi wasn't a part of the EMT Hospital volunteers so; she didn't know what do. She wanted to help out the injured people that are dying in her backyard. Another reason why she couldn't help out is because she doesn't have enough knowledge as they do in rescuing lives.

Then ambulances started to arrive and took the injured out into the ambulances and taking them to the hospital. At the end was saved except for a few victims that weren't found at the crash. TV news crews came to the sight and reported the sight "The Dove House Crash." Opinion- My opinion on this book is that I thought it was interesting how even kids can help people in big situations like that.