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ine personality disorder, impulsive aggressive behavior, postpartum depression, PMS, social phobia, pedophilia, migraine headaches, and anxiety disorder (Appleton, 2000).Even though they begin to alte ...

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Movie Review of An Interview with the Vampire.

n't' seen big stars, and I mean BIG, running around sucking blood out of each other, with themes of pedophilia and homosexuality mingling in the background? Well, if you haven't, by all means, go rent ...

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Frotteurism and Pedophilia.

play a major role in the etiology. ( is the act of deriving sexual excitement through the physical contact of children. This d ... disorder is frequently labeled child molestation or ephebophilia (attraction to youths) rather than pedophilia.A pedophile is a person, most frequently a man, who focuses his sexual fantasies and beha ...

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Should rape or sexual assault be included with paraphilias? A discussion

(Fetishism, Transvestic Fetishism), suffering or humiliation (Sexual Sadism, Masochism), children (Pedophilia) or other non-consenting person (Voyeurism, Frotteurism, Exhibitionism). Rape is forced s ...

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How does deviancy amplification spiral operate to cause a 'moral panic'.

the increase, which in turn creates 'moral panic'.An example of this amplification spiral would be pedophilia and the sexual abuse of children, which has been in existence probably throughout history ...

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Living With Demons

r, paraphilic men in general who engage in nonviolent pattern of deviant sexual activity (incest or pedophilia). (Lang, Flor-Henry and Frenzel, 1990, p 63)To give us a better understanding Lang, Flor- ... There are many theories assuming that relearning or unlearning needs take place, the ways in which pedophilia is learned are rarely discussed. It has origins in childhood complex psychological dynami ...

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Child pornography

e boys. The ratio is six to four for boy versus girl.- The American psychiatric Association defines pedophilia as a disorder in which an adult's primary sexual attraction is to prepubescent children, ... d molesters to take advantage of unsuspecting children.The American psychiatric Association defines pedophilia as a disorder in which an adult's primary sexual attraction is to prepubescent children, ...

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Dangers Of The Online Playground

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Changing criminal behaviour

ting paradigm of research on paraphiliac behaviours.ReferencesAbel, G. G., & Osborn, C. (1995). Pedophilia. In L. Diamant & R. D. McAnulty (Eds.), The Psychology of Sexual Orientation, Behavio ...

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New Testament And Homosexuality

eader with a nice history lesson of situations that existed then and can exist now in the realms of pedophilia. In all cases, the idea of homosexuality he raises with past references cannot be linked ... he male prostitutes and pedophiles all it wants. I agree, any form of prostitution is immoral, and pedophilia just is not correct in modern times and societies. But tell me where in either the old o ...

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Pedophiles Should Not Be Delcared Dangerous Offend

e punishment would be much more severe if the crime is re-committed. If the offender does re-commit pedophilia then there is a chance of the offender being declared as a dangerous offender to society. ...

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Personal Response on Sexual Identity

learned that I did have some vague ideas about gender identity, different sexual proclivities, and pedophilia, but during the course I gleaned a much clearer view of the myriad of ways in which human ...

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Rally for your rights

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