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Experiment on amount of fat in the common hotdog. Includes a graph and chart, procedures, materials, and conclusion.

Graduated Cylinder6. 400 mL beaker7. Bunsen Burner8. Ring Stand9. Tongs10. Iron ring11. Disposable Pipette12.50 mL beaker13. Protective goggles14. Aprons15. Glass rod16.Triple-Beam Balance17.Stop wat ... being sure not to disturb the contents (hold it level).13.While the solution is still warm, use the pipette to absorb the top, fat layer. Place this layer in the preweighed 50 mL beaker.14.If any of t ...

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Koncentrationsbestemmelse af almindelig husholdningseddike.

skrevet forholdsvis nøje."Fremgangsmåde:Først fortyndede vi eddiken ved at, med pipette, udtage 10 mL fra vores husholdningseddike og fortynde det op med demineraliseret vand i en ...

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The Effect Of Substrate on Enzyme concentration

bung fitted with delivery tube to fit (x5)"h Graduated measuring cylinder (10 cm3) (x2)"h Graduated pipette (5/10 cm3) and safety filler (x2)"h Gloves"h Apron"h Goggles"h Test tube rack (allow 2)"h Fo ... he gas burette.DETAILED PROCEDURE1. Put on apron, gloves and goggles2. Before hand ¡V using a pipette measure out 1 cm3 of yeast suspension and use the measuring cylinder to measure 4 cm3 of wat ...

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Titration-finding the concentration of a solution of sulphuric acid

all conical flask· 50cm3 burette· 100cm3 beaker· 25cm3 pipette· Pipette filler· Plastic pipette· Small filter ... 3 of water to the beaker and pour that into the volumetric flask.· Then I will use a pipette to add distilled water to the volumetric flask up to the 250cm3 line and will make sure that ...

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hniques, the sequence can be identified and to which organism it belongs without laying a hand on a pipette. From the unknown sequence given, NCBI website is used to find the organism, which is a hous ...

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Establishing the concentration of a limewater solution

s necessary to dilute it.The apparatus, equipment and chemicals that I will use are as follows: -1) Pipette 25cm32) Volumetric flask 500cm33) Conical flask 250cm34) Burette5) White tile6) Clamp and st ... uce errors it is necessary to choose accurate and reliable equipment. That is why I have chosen the pipette, volumetric flask and burette. All of these instruments have an accuracy of ±0.05cm3, ...

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Determination of the vitamin C content of a commercial vitamin C tablet and compare the result with the value specified by the manufacturer.

hen it is filled with sodium thiosulphate solution.4. 25.00 cm3 of the potassium iodate solution is pipetted into a 250 cm3 conical flask by using a pipette and a pipette filler.5. About 5 cm3 of 1M p ... excess iodine with standard sodium thiosulphate solution12. 25.00 cm3 of the vitamin C solution is pipetted into a conical flask by using a pipette and a pipette filler.13. About 5 cm3 of 1M potassiu ...

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Rate of reaction of sodium thisolphate

g cylinder- 50cm3 measuring cylinder- 0.1m sodium thiosulphate solution- 2m hydrochloric acid- Teat pipettePractical:- Gather the apparatus and set it up.- Measure out 10cm3 of Na2S2O3 and 40cm3 of wa ...

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The History of Cloning

mbryo and transplanting that nucleus into an egg.1952- Scientists Robert Briggs and T.J. King use a pipette to suck the nucleus from the cell of an advanced frog embryo, they then add it to a frog egg ...

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Introduction to measurement

to make students get acquainted with mass and volume measurement. Five 150-ml beakers, a volumetric pipette, the graduated cylinder were tested in a different measures design to determine variation in ...

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A Comparison of the density of Ice and water

e. However, doing so may have lead to the submerging instrument - in this case, we used a graduated pipette to poke the ice cube below the surface - contributing to the ice cube's calculated volume. I ...

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How Caffeine Affects the Heart Rate of Daphnia

so we can the times the result by 4 to get the actual result for 1 minute.I am going to be using a pipette to transfer the daphnia from the pond water to the cavity slide; this makes it easier for us ... iment as quickly as possible because too much caffeine for too long could harm the daphnia. Using a pipette also reduces the risk of harming the daphnia as they are so small we cannot pick them up wit ...

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Seperating cyclohexane and toluene by distillation understanding perceptual sets

volumes of chemical compounds. In addition, the student should know how to make a bent-tip pasture pipette for microscale distilltions.Distillation is commonly used in chemistry when compounds need t ...

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Vitamin C Lab

have the fifth most vitamin C content because it might be rich in other vitamins.Procedure1. Use a pipette to transfer 0.5 ml of 0.200 mg/ml vitamin C solution to the first well of a 24-well plate. R ... r to each of these wells.3. Place the plate on top of the white paper to better observe. Use a thin pipette to add the iodine solution drop by drop to the 0.200 mg/l vitamin C solution. Count the drop ...

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