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Liquid Density

Tuan Tran, 9/1/14, KIPP San Jose Collegiate


The purpose of the lab is to be able to find the density of an alcohol/water solution with a known concentration.

Materials: In this lab the items that were needed are listed here: Assigned water alcohol concentration, 10 mL beaker, 250 mL beaker, pipet, mass scale, graduated cylinder, and unknown mixture A and B.


Gather the concentration that was assigned with one member and the other gather the materials on the table. Set up the 10 mL and 250 mL beaker on the table. First member go up to the front get a pipet and get the liquid. Second, measure the mass of pipet then measure again with no liquid within the pipet and subtract from original. Put the liquid into the 10 mL graduated cylinder and measure the volume. After getting the information calculate the density and the second partner just repeat the steps.


Table One:

Table one offers the ability to see the average density and the correspondence to the solution concentration.

Table Two: This table offers the data on the densities of the two unknown liquids that were givne.