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A short paper explaining the diference between PMS and PMDD, and why feminists might be particularly concerned with the "mental disorder" PMDD.

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is the variation of physical and mood symptoms that appear during the last one or two weeks of t ... s with societal functioning and other responsibilities. Most doctors and professionals believe that PMS and PMDD are basically the same thing, except that PMDD is more severe, because of its interfere ... severe that it interferes with their usual activities, such as work, school, or even relationships.PMS has more physical symptoms such as bloating, weight gain, breast tenderness, swelling of hands a ...

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Lies, Reports, and Videotape: Project Planning and Reporting - What They Can Do For You and To You.

and Videotape: Project Planning and Reporting - What They Can Do For You and To YouEver wonder how PMs become successful jugglers of projects? There are definitely some warning signals and techniques ... t of the time it is due to a variety of problems associated with planning and reporting. By nature, PMs are typically task-oriented people with strong, pointed focus getting started on a project and f ...

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What Women Go Through

oday, women must face the same exact challenges as men but must combat their emotions all the while.PMS is one of the most recognized medical abbreviations in the English language. There is an "estima ... estimated 40 million women that suffer" from a range of "over 150 different symptoms" attributed to PMS (Daugherty 1). Although millions are affected, no precise cure or cause has been found. Women ar ...

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Managing Innovative SHRM

Single case embedded research design method to investigate how the process of implementation of new PMS was successfully implemented.Role of S HR Effective implementation of innovative Performance man ... en implemented at Maurya Sheraton is certainly innovative.Reason for choosing BSC and not any other PMS could have been stated.Though the process is complete and holistic but employees apprehensive of ...

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