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How to make an Origami frog.

aper in the opposite direction. Third, unfold the last fold you made to form two squares within the rectangle. Fourth, push in the side of the top square and fold down to make a triangle. Fifth, fold ...

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Looking at Paintings

ck and white picture by Louise Bourgeois. It is called Sainte Sebastienne. The format is a vertical rectangle and the medium used in this picture is a dry point etching on paper. I chose this piece of ... re I chose was by Charles Ephraim Butchfield, it is called Street Scene. The format is a horizontal rectangle and the medium used is watercolors on paper in a narrow but complementary color pallet in ...

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The Siege of Khe Sanh began January 20, and continued for 77 days.

in the area. The base itself was laid out on a flat plateau. It was shaped somewhat like an uneven rectangle and covered an area approximately one mile long and one-half mile wide.Leading up to the S ...

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Mathematical Modelling of a Can.

k since it has similar features as a can, one of them being that one can unfold the cylinder into a rectangle (the sides) and two circles (top and bottom) which one can do with a can as well.Solid Cyl ... tion S, I first split up the cylinder in 3 different pieces. 2 circles for the top and bottom and a rectangle for the sides:- after splitting the cylinder into different parts, I could add the differe ...

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How a square can also be considered a rectangle as well as other shapes.

Every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. A rectangle always has 4 right angles. So does a squ ... e is a square. A rectangle always has 4 right angles. So does a square, so that can be considered a rectangle. A rectangle can have sides of any length just as long as all four angles are right angles ... as long as all four angles are right angles. A square however must have congruent sides. So not all rectangles are squares, only the rectangles with 4 congruent sides. In real life imagine that you ar ...

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Fashions of the Roman World

ece was the Doric peplos, commonly worn through the beginning of the sixth century B.C. Made from a rectangle of woven wool, the Doric peplos measured about six feet in width and about eighteen inches ...

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My favourite place in the world is in Alberta, Canada.

d 19 acres of waterfront property and built a one-story brick house on it. The land was long like a rectangle and a road that was used to reach the house split it up. On one side was a handful of gras ...

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Design a child's toy

into studs so there is no chance of it falling. 'Da Bomb consists of 24, 1-foot wide by 2-foot high rectangles. Inside each rectangle is sewn in a clear plastic sheaving with the top left open. Inside ...

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"The Amber Spyglass" by Philip Pullman

s out how to fix it. The Amber Spyglass was made by Dr Malone's new friends Mulefa, the wheel-borne rectangle shaped creatures from a different world with an ability to see the Dust with a naked eye. ...

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I Will Follow You Into The Dark

he DarkBy: Danielle DeFreitasThe moving truck was the first thing I remember seeing. A large, white rectangle attached to a blue cab. Men wearing matching blue uniforms were unloading cardboard boxes ...

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The Ancient Aztec Architecture

or their large royal palaces and complex temples. They constructed their buildings using mainly the rectangle, these concepts shows design and contours that were simple. At the center of Tenochtitlan ...

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qui était mis en feu sur la visage de la brique. La ville Babylone était en forme'un rectangle. Avec des barrières autour mais le barbier le plus magnifique c'est le Barriè ... uleur, qui sont géométrique La plus partie des bâtiments sont en forme carre ou rectangle et fabrique avec les briques de boue. Les briques d'argile qui était mettre en feu ...

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It Takes Skills

although it kind of looks like my tall, skinny, old tree house. Mommy says it's not a square, but a rectangle. She's not in school like I am, so she doesn't remember, therefore I didn't argue. Oh but ...

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Discuss the role ornament in the work of post-modern architects. Refer to specific works of Hans Hollein, Michael Graves, Robert Verturi, Frank Gehry.

the environment' , a "Fixed form" for example early 1950's the streets of London all buildings were rectangle no shapes at all, people who did not agree to such ideas of all architects being as fixed ...

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The meaning of Art and the Artist

ns out of your drawings. To do otherwise would not be good. The focal point of this painting is the rectangle in the middle and the repetition of shapes, lines and colors in this painting create push- ... s painting.The title of the painting infers that there is a sense of spirituality to this work. The rectangle acts like a door that is a gateway to the spirituality of Islam. This work catches my atte ...

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Professional Coreldraw

Graphic Design Application - Corel Draw.Steps01: Document Setup02: Margins03: Rounded Rectangle Dimensions04: Rectangle Corner Roundness05: Uniform Fill Window06: Object Propert ... Roundness05: Uniform Fill Window06: Object Properties Docker07: Duplicate Object08: Set Rectangle Dimensions09: Rounded Rectangle Corners10: Fill & Border Color11: Group Objec ...

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