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e legal system have throughout time been changing to fit their times. In the past, complainants and respondents could argue their cases before a judge themselves. Today each party is likely to hire la ...

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Death Penalty, to be or not to be

hed during recent years to reduce crime, most Americans see no improvement. In a 1993 survey asking respondents if they felt crime was increasing or decreasing in their areas, only 5 % felt that it wa ...

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Consumer attitude towards the services of Gulf Air Airline of Qatar

r questions.Because of time constraint and the lack of manpower, the survey used only a total of 33 respondents. Also questions were not pre-tested for overall cohesion and error-free biases design. W ... ple.The findings of the survey may contains mistakes, unqualified answers due to the fact that many respondents were not trained well to participate in a survey before. Although there were diverse ans ...

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"A. G. of Canada vs. Lavell - Isaac vs Bedard"

annette Vivian Corbiere Lavell and Yvonne Bedard, both born as North American Indians and acting as respondents, were summoned to present their cases to the Court. The claim was that:The provisions of ... (b) of the Canadian Bill of Rights, 1960 (Can.), c. 44, as denying equality before the law to the 2 respondents .The two women felt that they were catalogued under an unjust act which allowed for an u ...

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It could happen to us...

hould tell the police for their own safety. The researcher put a question on this, and 54.5% of the respondents think that the main reason which causes a person to feel tired of her or his marriage ar ... el tired of her or his marriage are arguments between wife and husband. Seventeen out of twenty two respondents agree that the tiredness, which caused by too much arguments between the husband and wif ...

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The first amendment.

ndment in debate is in the case of Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier. In this case the people (Respondents) First Amendment rights were violated by the principal of their school. Their rights wer ... nt to court it went to the United States District Court for the Eastern Missouri to be settled. The Respondents were seeking a declaration for the violation of their First Amendment rights, an injunct ...

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METHODOLOGY AND PROCEDURE: very good example of methodology chapter for Master Students

METHODOLOGY AND PROCEDUREThis paper will discuss the method of research to be used, the respondents of the study, the sampling technique, the instrument to be used, the validation of the i ... o use this kind of research considering the desire of the author to obtain first hand data from the respondents so as to formulate rational and sound conclusions and recommendations for the study.This ... rsonnel who were instrumental in the implementation of lean systems, on an industry wide scale. The respondents of the study were selected personnel of Dunlop Hiflex Ltd. The personnel selected for th ...

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Case Study - Grey Advertising Canada Dry Account

otra 2000). But the time spent collecting data for just one interview was too long, and as a result respondents would have been reluctant to take part in this study. The material required for this res ... instead of the likart scale. The basic phrase list which comprised of 125 phrases was excessive and respondents should not have been expected to evaluate all of these. The demographics question asked ...

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Why the relationship between marketer and customer is more and more important?

groundNowadays, new products will not be put into operation rashly before the manufacturers get the respondents and potential clients' satisfaction through questionnaires which are about the ideas for ... res which are about the ideas for the products, including such designed questions like: Whether the respondents like the product or not; if the product is in the market, whether the respondents will b ...

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Images of nursing- how the images of nursing have changed over time. How these images impact on the position of nurses within society. Includes interviews with 5 participants.

hree male students, all of whom were nineteen years of age. To maintain the private identity of the respondents the interviews were conducted on an individual basis and I have used the pseudonyms Beli ... d nurses as low paid females and one described the nurse as a doctor's helper. To ascertain why the respondents believe they hold these images I followed up with the question, "why does that image spr ...

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Public Opinion in California

ither remain the same or be increased. In mostyears that the survey was conducted the percentage of respondents who felt thatthe amount should be increased was similar to the percentage of respond! en ...

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he market and identified the potential customers as follows:Knowing that the income per year of the respondents is not less than $1,500 and in some cases even higher, our service will be directed main ... to notice that there is a great percentage of those who like looking at the window - 33% of all the respondents. Considering the fact above, we suppose that people most likely will be satisfied with t ...

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What possible issues associated with consumer behaviour and consumption patterns might be extremely sensitive ones to directly question respondents about?

consumer behaviour and consumption patterns might be extremely sensitive ones to directly question respondents about? How might researchers overcome the difficulties of collecting these types of sens ... asked.Type of SurveyPersonal interviews are a disadvantage when inquiring about a delicate subject; respondents are unlikely to feel comfortable discussing private matters with a complete stranger. In ...

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Enterprise Development Project on Royal B & B

lia Street, Penang Street, Batu Feringhi and Pulau Tikus. The questionnaires were distributed to 60 respondents. The sample groups were backpackers and economy travelers. The proponents also did the p ... hoose a Bed and Breakfast in their next stay/visit.16. Your age:Option: 45Analysis: to find out the respondents' age group.17. Your gender:Option: Male or FemaleAnalysis: to find out the respondents' ...

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Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

n American sailors.In 1990, a General Social Survey was conducted. The survey included 1, 150 white respondents from 84 sampling locations in the Chicago area. Respondents answered questions in regard ...

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Marketing research

of Observational Techniques.The methodology used in this research was a survey research at selected respondents. A detailed description of this technique is a part of the report submitted on 2 August ... , Quota sampling, to achieve the information relevant to our topic. We have asked 100 (one hundred) respondents to fill our questioners.We also have done two researches; the first research was done on ...

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Reviewing the questionnaire process

vey. Questionnaires are a proven way of collecting accurate data from a potentially large number of respondents, or a select few if required. Questionnaires are in the question and answer format, wher ... here selected questions and prompters are devised and placed on paper, and in response the required respondents can then state their answers and thoughts on the survey. Although the idea of constructi ...

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What is a a brand ?

" to "a consumer recognized name" to "an identifiable image or personality tied to a product". Some respondents went further to assert that a "brand" is the actual relationship that a product has with ...

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Brand Management of West Jet Airlines.

came in at number 3 in Canada's best managed brands, while Air Canada bottomed out in last place. "Respondents ranked companies based on a number of criteria relating to delivery of brand promise inc ...

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Hudson Vs Shogun

he summary of the opinions of the Lords of Appeal for judgement in the case Shogun Finance Limited (Respondents) vs. Hudson (FC) Appellant, Delivered on Wednesday 19th November 2003This case deliberat ... e Learned Lords deliberate on various pros and cons of the issue and reject the appeal in favour of Respondents 3: 2.The case is summarised as follows:A rogue presents himself to a motor dealer and id ...

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