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Alternative Measures Program.

plete community service and attend counselling and/or treatment programs, if required. This type of restorative justice is used, instead of the government determining the outcome, where the community ... ght the offender would re-victimize them."2 I think that this is definitely a positive step towards restorative justice because the offender sees and hears how the crime affected the victim and the vi ...

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History of Behavior Modification---In sort of a Outline form--also includes some modern day uses of Behavior Modification

forming their behavior and making responsible decisions according to the principles of Balanced and Restorative Justice."( this mission the probation department has a pres ... conjunction with the mission there are two that spotlight principles set forth by the balanced and restorative justice initiative.*To assist the court in developing interventions that serves the need ...

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Restorative and Community Justice

What is restorative justice?Restorative justice emphasizes the ways in which crimes hurt relationships betwe ... tice emphasizes the ways in which crimes hurt relationships between people who live in a community. Restorative justice is "designed to provide the context for ensuring that social rather than legal g ... ovide the context for ensuring that social rather than legal goals are met."1 Within the process of restorative justice there are three major goals: victim involvement, offender accountability, and co ...

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Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is a reorientation of how one thinks about crime and justice and a shift in focu ... ich cannot be consensually defined . It is collectively made up of various theories posited through restorative justice scholars. Although a consensual definition is difficult to imply, a panel of res ... hod of research have accepted Marshall's definition as representing the core values and theories of restorative justice:"Restorative justice is a process whereby all parties with a stake in a particul ...

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Youth Sentencing in Queensland, Audtralia

rt may also decide to implement another alternative under the diversionary sentencing outline.2.1.3 Restorative Justice (Youth Justice Conferencing)Restorative Justice, or Youth Justice Conferencing, ... nly remember the consequences of his actions and where they can lead him in future.2.2.2 Supporting Restorative Justice (Youth Justice Conferencing).The case example that is used to support the Restor ...

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Restorative Justice

n and development of any new process will induce criticism, as stated by Kathleen Daly in her paper Restorative Justice in Diverse and Unequal Societies,"Any justice practice, however well intentioned ... offenders, and in some cases victims, back into a community that will support shaming as a tool in restorative justice as a social norm, is in my view a building block for safer, stronger community b ...

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Compare and Contrast conferencing schemes in different jurisdictions in Australia.

scheme,- The roles of 'gatekeepers' in each scheme, and- The cultural appropriateness of each schemeRestorative justice has never been easily defined due to the variety of practices at the various sta ... ourt, programs run in conjunction with court decisions, victim and offender mediation at any stage. Restorative Justice is not restricted to criminal matters; it is also available in civil disputes in ...

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Question: Is there a position within contemporary santions for Restorative Justice and Mediation? If so, where is it and where can it be effectively utilised?

Restorative justice (RJ) is a valued-based approach to act in response to unlawful activity and conf ... esponse to unlawful activity and conflict, with equal focus on the offender, victim, and community. Restorative justice focuses on making good the wrongdoing by healing the harm, predominantly to rela ... relationships between individuals that is created by harmful behaviour. The primary stakeholders in restorative justice processes are the person(s) who effected the harm (offender), the person(s) harm ...

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The over representation of aboriginal people within the Canadian Criminal

The over representation of aboriginal people within the Canadian Criminal Justice system is a clear indication of how the justice system has failed aboriginal people in Canad ... te the penitentiaries and jails in Canada shows that there must be changes made within the Canadian justice system. By bringing in the aboriginal peoples traditional ways of life and incorporate it wi ... thin the Canadian justice systems it will prove to establish equality and fair treatment within the justice system. According to A.C. Hamilton, ? at the most basic level of understanding , justice is ...

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Views on Victims' Rights Movement

of debates because of their significant relation.Under a more specific discussion, the argument for restorative justice was incarceration offered little in terms of rehabilitation opportunities for of ... vel as introduced to Australia, New Zealand, North America and some European countries (Viano 2000).Restorative justice sees crime as a violation of human relationships, more than a violation of the l ...

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Purpose of Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is commonly used in today's courts, the main goal is to restore the victim, comm ... main goal is to restore the victim, community and offender and to help them become "whole again". "Restorative justice is being seen as one of the tools in the tool box and one of the options that sh ... victims such as counseling or any other issues that may come up. The federal courts see the use of restorative justice as a way to reintegrate the offender to the community and at the same time place ...

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Restorative justice initiative

traditional justice system A.Traditional Justice goals are based on Retributive model as opposed to Restorative 1.Traditional Justice trend to sentencing 2.Traditional Justice lack of Offender account ... al Justice lack of Offender accountability 3.Traditional Justice neglect of victims B.Advantages to Restorative Justice Model 1.Makes the offender take more responsibility for their part and helps the ...

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Canadian legal system- restorative justice.

Restorative JusticeAssignment 7ABy: Karyn White12/22/2008Submitted to: Robert TuckerFor the Course i ... n White12/22/2008Submitted to: Robert TuckerFor the Course in CriminologyA discussion of the use of Restorative Justice Programs and their role in the Canadian Justice System. In discussing the e ... ey are in 2007) in order for this to be happening? I believe that by applying the principles behind restorative justice we can come to a more clear understanding of the answer to that question.Restora ...

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Restorative Justice - Juvenile Offenders

for reform. A new move based on the premise of accountability and remedial has great appeal. While restorative justice seems to guarantee a distinct third alternative, the imprecise use of the emergi ... ation" has created as much confusion as clarity about the fundamental concepts of the new paradigm. Restorative justice has come to mean all things to all people. We agree with Walgrave and Bazemore: ...

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An Integrated Social Marketing Plan developed for the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service

internal customers. These recommendations were part of an overarching philosophical perspective of Restorative Justice, a radical departure from previously tried and obviously discounted models of se ... icy towards information and technology.Legal: The legal framework to support the new initiatives in Restorative Justice is not in place. Safety, security and the community involvement is being espouse ...

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How Does Restorative Justice Work Within Nacro?

G20320704 Tutor: Joanne WestwoodSP3005 COMMUNITY PROJECTCASE STUDYWhat role does restorative justice have within Nacro?Word Count: 4178 Date: 21/03/10What role does restorative just ... sion Project), where my role can be a variation of many interventional aspects of crime prevention. Restorative Justice is one of the intervention programmes suggested to young people in order to prev ... revent them from entering the Criminal Justice System. The big debate will be discussed surrounding restorative justice in the UK, and the difficulty to capture the information needed to prove its suc ...

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