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Prospect Theory

g $2500 even though the mathematical expectation of the uncertain option is $1250. This is known as risk-aversion. But Kahneman and Tversky found that the same people when confronted with a certain lo ... ted with a certain loss of $1000 versus a 50% chance of no loss or a $2500 loss do often choose the risky alternative. This is called risk-seeking behavior. This example demonstrates the asymmetry of ...

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Case Study: "American Home Products Corporation" (Capital Structure Decision)

o be personally approved by Mr. Laporte even if authorized in the corporate budget.Conservatism and risk aversion. AHP consistently avoided much of the risk of new product development and introduction ... tantial portion of AHP's new products were clever extensions of existing products. AHP thus avoided risky gambles of R&D and new product introductions and used its marketing prowess to promote acq ...

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Behavioral finance

e that the losers will in future perform better than they are doing currently. People are generally risk averse but when people register losses, they are more likely to gamble in order to reconcile wi ... for this fact. Can it actually be rational (rather than a sign of biased beliefs) to take a lot of risk in the setting of job promotion? Which is the aspect of job promotion that might encourage rati ...

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