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Flaws of the Constitution

er into the second article, it also grants the president the power to be the Commander in Chief (A2 S2 C1). The problem happens when the two disagree on a war issue. The Congress might feel that war i ... ent 'shall have the power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States (A2 S2 C1).' The whole third article goes into detail of how the Judiciary system works. It explains how ...

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Marketing a new product for Cadbury's

ContentsObjectiveDetailsPage Number1An investigation of the current marketing mix of Cadbury's2 - 62Secondary and primary research methods7 - 183SWOT and PEST analysis20 - 244Methods of analysi ... research methods7 - 183SWOT and PEST analysis20 - 244Methods of analysing the marketing opportunities26 - 305Creating a new marketing strategy based on research32 - 34BibliographyBooks and other sourc ...

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Decision Theory

r lot = $ 5000 There are two states of nature: 1st state S1 = defective units per lot 15% 2nd state S2 = defective units per lot 35% If no inspection for S1 number of units defective = 15% x 1000 = 15 ... $10 per unit Therefore the pay off = 5000 ¡V (150 x 10) = $ 3500 If no inspection for S2 number of units defective = 35% x 1000 = 350 Cost of replacement of defective unit sent to the cu ...

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