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ObjectiveDetailsPage Number

1An investigation of the current marketing mix of Cadbury's2 - 6

2Secondary and primary research methods7 - 18

3SWOT and PEST analysis20 - 24

4Methods of analysing the marketing opportunities26 - 30

5Creating a new marketing strategy based on research32 - 34

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Validity Checks

An investigation of the current marketing mix and strategies of Cadbury's


I am going to investigate the current marketing mix and the strategies used by Cadbury's.

The marketing mix is the '4Ps' (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

I will get the information required from various sources. Mainly I will use textbooks, the Internet and through some primary research (visiting supermarkets and shops). I got some pricing information from the local Sainsbury's supermarket. I looked on the Cadbury's website for additional information on Cadbury's.


Product Type

Cadbury's offers a wide range of products for many different people.

Cadbury's has chocolate aimed at children, 16-25year old, 25+, males and females. The products offered by Cadbury's come in many different sizes, the sizes are dependent on the market they are aimed at. Children usually have small appetites so most children's chocolate comes in small packs. A good example of this is the Cadbury's Buttons range. This range started out with just small bags for children and then the bags got even smaller for children. Then Cadbury's released giant buttons and buttons in big bags. This was not only to provide for the whole of the market but to increase sales as well. Giant buttons were aimed at older children and adults, as well as children with very large appetites.

Product Life Cycle

The product life cycle shows the sales of a product over time. When the product is launched, sales tend to be slow. If the product succeeds...