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Censorship in 1949 with the Fairness Doctrine

ue would never come up. Not everything that is wanted to say is appropriate to say on public radio. Satellite Radio would not be required to follow this act since the consumer buys the service. When S ...

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Jet Blue Airways

pe of aircraft in their fleet (reducing inventory costs), paperless cockpit, paperless tickets, and satellite radio and television at all the seats. All of these help keep costs down, attract new cust ...

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Positioning Paper: XM Radio

1. Product InformationIntroductionSatellite radio is a new emerging industry with just a pair of competitors, and XM Satellite Radio h ... gorilla of this fledging market. Fully 4 of 5 listeners subscribe to XM making it the most-listened satellite radio service with over two million paid subscribers in the U.S. today.Features, Advantage ... paid subscribers in the U.S. today.Features, Advantages, and BenefitsOne of the primary benefits of satellite radio is that if there are one or two channels that an individual enjoys, they can have it ...

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Faster than speeding Airwave

The emergence of popular culture icon Howard Stern into the vastness of outer space through satellite radio forever changed America. Satellite radio is reshaping popular culture just as the te ... Today said that just as Howard Stern retools his act for a new generation of listeners, so, too, is satellite radio recasting what radio means to Americans.A symbol from earlier days of terrestrial ra ...

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Case: Four products - Predicting Diffusion: Satellite Radio

Executive SummaryIn 2001 a new concept for radio was born in the U.S.: Satellite Radio. Satellite Radio is based on the same principle as cable or Satellite TV. People hav ... . People have to pay for a number of channels of varied music and talk. The two rival start-ups, XM Satellite Radio Holding and Sirius Satellite Radio, both wanted to target the commuters and truckers ... evant trends that were visible in America when XM and Sirius were contemplating the introduction of Satellite Radio on the market. Given the history Americans already had with Satellite Television by ...

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Proposal Essay

nd deploy new technology for radio communication, which will directly compete with the current form satellite radio. The new technology will consist of a more cost effective way to transmit continuou ... ercial traffic. However these aircrafts would still be 10 to 1,000 times closer to the user than a satellite. This closer proximity will provide the user with 10 times the available electrical power, ...

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Satellite Radio, review of the various satellite radio providers in the world.

Satellite Radio was first introduced to the US in 1992 by the US Federal Communications Commission ( ... d covers the frequency range of 2 to 4 GHz and is usually used for weather radars and communication satellites. Currently XM Radio and Sirius Radio operate on the S band frequency. The L band is simil ... of .039 to 1.55 GHz. L band is more commonly used for digital audio broadcasting and communication satellites also. Currently World Space Radio uses the L band frequency to supply the majority of the ...

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Marketing Plan

; Marketing Plan: Phase ILeslie StacksMGTUniversity of PhoenixKen LeCourAugust 8, 2007Marketing PlanSatellite Radio is the newest way for people to tune in to their favorite songs. With the music comi ... the newest way for people to tune in to their favorite songs. With the music coming direct from the satellite to the receiver, there have been a multitude of advantages over regular AM/FM radio. XM ha ...

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Marketing Plan: Phase I

Stacks, Michelle WalkerMKT 421University of PhoenixKen LeCourAugust 15, 2007Marketing Plan: Phase 1Satellite radio is the new emerging industry with just a pair of competitors, and XM Satellite Radio ... te Radio has established itself as the 800 pound gorilla of this fledging market. Nearly 4 out of 5 satellite radio listeners subscribe to XM Radio making it the most listened to satellite radio servi ...

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Marketing Plan: Phase II

IIReplay Radio is the new product introduced by XM Radio. This product is intended to revolutionize satellite radio. The proper marketing strategy and plan will ensure that this product will be a succ ... y Radio will have added technology to give to the consumer.Replay Radio is the newest technology in satellite radio. Using the same technology that is used for TiVo, Replay Radio lets satellite radio ...

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Satellite radio: XM versus Sirius (Case summary)

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc (initially called Satellite CD Radio) was one of the two initial players in the ... ps behind XM Radio, therefore I will analyze in particular problems of and opportunities for Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.1. ProblemsA problem for Sirius as well as for XM was huge initial investments. ... ommon problem for both competitors is the competition with tall free radio (FM AM); Internet radio; satellite TV and cable systems, who provided radio services as part as their digital package for fre ...

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Stock Analysis

hopping $2 dollars, another reason not to listen to rumors or anyone else.I put $10,000 into Sirius Satellite Radio, because I am a huge fan of Howard Stern and so is about 20 million other people and ...

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My weekend at the mountains

ee floors and there was everything you cold possibly imagine in this house: pooltables, jacuzzis, satellite radio, TV, heated indoor pool, 2 kitchens. I really felt like aprincess in my castle.

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