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The realization of a man that life changes over time, and that all things that go around come around and how your worst enemies can become your best friends

Ahh, up bright and early on Saturday morning.Nothing beats a good night's sleep with a good cup of decaf...2 cups of decaf.I'll ...

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The Effect of Television Violence on Children and Teenagers.

The Effect of Television Violence on Children and TeenagersIn every Saturday morning cartoon there are 20-25 violent acts, for every hour of prime time television, ther ...

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Alone At Last!

reach the duedate. The last thing you want is a visit from your very own disgusting cousins.It was Saturday morning. A soft splatting sound could be heard as the early rain kissed the rooftop. The da ...

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Beowulf, The New Hero

y you looked up to the main character or the hero. Imagine if that character were Beowulf.I think a Saturday morning cartoon, like Beowulf, would be appropriate for younger children. There would have ... bloody scenes, of course. Beowulf is similar to the story of Hercules. If Hercules became a Saturday morning cartoon, then why shouldn't Beowulf? Beowulf has many gruesome scenes that would no ...

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The Questions of my Life.

In retrospect, I can still feel my shock at those people's attitude toward my hometown.It was on a Saturday morning back in 2001, when some students from my class, including myself, were appointed to ...

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Cartoon violence

the stage for exposure. Also, almost half of all television violence is in cartoons (14). In fact, Saturday morning cartoons alone feature thirty-two acts of violence per hour. Considering that carto ...

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Permanent Scars

s entailed. With phones ringing and the radio playing in the back ground I diverted my attention to cartoon clippings that were posted around the entrance area, having a quiet giggle to myself. Artifi ...

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Superman Ethics and Relevenance to the modern day society

al, and most importantly- Are they viable in society?Superman versus the Elite (2012) opens with a "Saturday Morning Cartoon" of Superman. This Superman cartoon is a representation of Superman's Deont ...

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Tear's That Fall

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