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The biography of Jim "catfish" hunter, famous pitcher.

d in a variety of sports. He was a successful linebacker and offensive end in football as well as a shortstop, cleanup batter, and pitcher in baseball. His pitching skills brought major league basebal ...

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Ty Cobb Diary

June 18, 1901: Dear Diary, The starting shortstop for the Reds was injured so the Reds called me up from the Rompers to play for them. I pla ... so the Reds called me up from the Rompers to play for them. I played one of my best games ever. At shortstop I was flawless and at bat I collected 3 hits. Most of the people I play with are about 5 t ... th are about 5 to 10 years older than me but its still fun. The team said I would be their starting shortstop and never have to play for the Rompers again.August 10, 1905: Dear Diary, I just arrived i ...

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Politics In Sports

en you are watching one of your children play baseball? Why do you think your child was replaced at shortstop by another, equally talented child shortly after the coach was approach by the other child ... est years in Mariner history.# Knowing this what could justify leaving this winning team, as a star shortstop, for a team, the Texas Rangers, whose five-year record winning could be compared to a roll ...

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Running Track

ew Fisher, keeps the team really disciplined." Justin Deermer, senior Varsity baseball player plays shortstop and pitcher. Deermer has played these positions for twelve to thirteen years."We'll have a ...

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Baseball (avoiding Injuries)

ball. These positions consist of a pitcher, catcher, second baseman, first baseman, third baseman, shortstop, left fielder, right fielder and a center fielder. When you are in one of these positions, ...

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During these last few years here at Spencer Van Etten,

t the age of four, my uncle inspired me to play baseball. When he was in college, he was a starting shortstop for the Cal Poly State. After College, he was the number 3-draft pick to the Oakland Athle ...

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Honus Wagner

Houns wagner, nicked named the flying Dutchman, was the best shortstop in his era. Today, amongst shortstops he still ranks at the top. His bow legged appearance ... n his first batting title in 1900 and led the league in triples, doubles, and slugging. He moved to shortstop the following season when Horace Ely jumped the league for Ban Johnson's upstart American ... is ranked eight with 722 stolen bases, Wagner's .329 lifetime batting average is the highest among shortstops. Extraordinary as well is Wagner's achievements against some of today's strongest hurlers ...

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Individual Paper On Team Dynamics: Teamwork In The Classroom

baseball, a magnificent pitcher isTeamwork in the Classroom 3nothing without a magnificent catcher, shortstop, outfielder, bullpen, or hitter that can hit him ahomerun. A baseball team only wins when ...

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