Ty Cobb Diary

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June 18, 1901: Dear Diary, The starting shortstop for the Reds was injured so the Reds called me up from the Rompers to play for them. I played one of my best games ever. At shortstop I was flawless and at bat I collected 3 hits. Most of the people I play with are about 5 to 10 years older than me but its still fun. The team said I would be their starting shortstop and never have to play for the Rompers again.

August 10, 1905: Dear Diary, I just arrived in Royston, Georgia to hear that father was dead from a shotgun blast and mother is facing arrest for involuntary manslaughter. I am in a state of shock now. The newspapers are saying that the shooting was by accident but I can never trust my mom again. I am now determined to play to perfection with the Detroit Tigers and to be the best of the best.

March 10, 1908: Dear Diary, After receiving my contract from Navin, the Detroit Tigers manager, for $3,000 I refused to play. Instead I decided to talk face to face with Navin for the Detroit Tigers contract. Finally, Navin and I agreed on a contract after about 2 hours of arguing about it. He would pay me $4,000 for one year. It wasn't exactly the $5,000 a year for 3 years deal i wanted but I was satisfied. He told me if my batting average was over 300 he would pay me an $800 bonus. Including the bonus, the deal was $200 less than I was shooting for.

January 30, 1911: Dear Diary, We just had our first son. Charlotte, my wife, named him Tyrus Raymond Jr. after me. He is super cute and mom says he looks just like me. Charlotte...