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Types of Skiing

the fastest Alpine ski racing sport. Champion skiers reach speeds of over 90 miles per hour on the steep, strait parts of the course. The turns call for immense skill and powerful muscles. Taking tun ... ng about it is that it is probably the most exciting ski event ever. Large bumps called moguls, and steep pitches add to the hazards. The course ranges from about 1 and a half to 3 miles long. The fas ...

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Green laws boost clean-up industry

; the environmental sector is en-joying a boom. The market for pollution control technology is on a steep exponential growth curve, which seems to be interminable. Especially the European companies pu ...

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Charlie Horse: Short childrens story

his journey. After walking up through the foothills and out of the valley Charlie found the terrain steep and significantly rockier than his comfortable home. "I bet no one lives here", Charlie though ... ortable home. "I bet no one lives here", Charlie thought to himself as he clambered clumsily up the steep mountain. "Who would want to walk around on this all day", he thought. Just as Charlie was abo ...

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The Mortar - It's history during WW1. Who first used it in WW1. How the opposite side reacted. How effective was it during WW1.

everal, slightly varied shapes and sizes.Mortars were used to hurl their bombs high into the air at steep angles. The desired effect was that the bomb would fall from directly above, landing right on ...

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"Rio Lobo, The River Wolf" updated version. A story about two young adventurous wolves. I'm still working on the rest of the story. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

up miles away. They'd end up in places where they never thought they could go. They'd scale down a steep hillside with the skill of a mountain goat, the strength of a lion, and the cleverness of a fo ...

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Mexican childbirth.

a modern type, built of stone and have a metal roof, orthe traditional wattle and daub walls with a steep palm-thatched roof. Either way, it is likely to be a one-room house.The traditional house is o ...

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This essay is about Plato's Allegory of the Cave and what my interpretation is of the images that dwell in the cave.

ark well) and has to be compelled, quite against one's wishes often, to be unchained and start the "steep and rugged ascent" into the light, enlightenment, or education. The very root of the word "edu ...

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Predicting volcanoes

d... for a price. The equipment and personnel needed to monitor a dangerous volcano comes at a very steep cost. Ironically most of the world's very active volcanoes are in third world countries that c ...

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Wearily I trudged up the steep and slippery side of the cliff. There were no cut steps or railings, and the trees and bushes ... ut over the cliff and saw other mountains and cliffs hundreds of feet high and many miles wide with steep slopes and jagged tops.When I reached the instructor, he strapped a body harness onto me, tigh ...

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What is one of the three most important scenes in "A midsummer Night's Dream?" Why?

four long days. Hippolyta, poses as a more practical character and replies, "Four days will quickly steep themselves in night; Four nights will quickly dream away the time." Here it is possible for th ...

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Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream: The troubles between Oberon and Titania.

love, To amorous Phillida. Why art thou here Come from the farthest steep of India? (II, i, 65-69)Titania also accuses Oberon of only returning because his "warrior lov ...

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world Geo Essay

ome to many mountains. The largest mountains in the region are the Andes. Even though the Andes are steep and hard to climb they attract farmers because of its rich soil. The rich soil is the result o ...

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Experiment: Motion Analysis

different types of balls rolling over inclined planks.Hypothesis: If a ball is let go freely on the steep end of the plank, the force of gravity will act on it and because it cannot fall freely to the ...

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hat looked as if they were growing into the clouds. Contrasted by the other side of the road with a steep rocky cliff leading to the deep blue sea crashing on to the rocks foaming and splashing. As I ...

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Plato's Allegory of the Cave

y cant escape or move their heads, rendering them prisoners. The cave is dark, and there is a long, steep upward tunnel leading outside. Their only source of light within that cave are the flames that ... empt to stand up and leave the cave. He would be filled with pain at first from the chains, and the steep upward journey out of the cave. The light from outside would also temporarily blind and confus ...

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Snowboarding and its three forms.

Snowboarding and its Three Forms The sluggish lift slowly ascends the steep climb to the top of the mountain. The beautiful winter sun beats down and reflects off the ang ...

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The Mariana Trench- Science Report

ng no one. This trench is where the Pacific Plate and the Philippine Plate meet. Trenches are long, steep V-shaped depths in the sea bottom. They arise when two ocean plates bump against each other, a ... one plate thrusting under another. The Mariana trench is the location where the Pacific Plate ducks steeply under the Philippine Plate where it's completely dark. Most of the planet's oceans are very ...

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The Coming of the Railway" from Dombey and Son

writes "here, a chaos of carts,overthrown and jumbled together, lay topsy-turvy at the bottom of a steep unnatural hill;there, confused treasures of iron soaked and rusted in something that had accid ...

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Description of Catholic Church Service

ecorations. The architecture is simple, and resembles that of many other small churches. There is a steep area of the roof that is a common characteristic of a church's architecture. On the inside the ...

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Jet Streams

ar jet stream is not well defined around the globe. However where surface temperature gradients are steep, where the polar front is well defined, jet stream winds are stronger. These segments of stron ...

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