Snowboarding and its three forms.

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Snowboarding and its Three Forms

The sluggish lift slowly ascends the steep climb to the top of the mountain. The beautiful winter sun beats down and reflects off the angel white snow. The one and only thing running through my mind is the pure adrenaline rush surging through my body as I float through the fresh and fluffy powder. And finally the lift reaches the top and my dream now becomes a reality. Except the actual experience is ten times better than I had expected in my dream. Carving through the snow I feel so poised and relaxed. I only wish that it could last forever, but before I realize it I am at the bottom of the slope and the excruciating process begins again. Snowboarding in all of its forms is a very challenging and exciting sport, its three different styles all have their unique qualities and differences. Back country, terrain park, and half pipe are the three types of snowboarding styles, which are rapidly changing due to new advancements in technology and the sport itself.

Half pipe riding has recently started to become much more popular due to advanced snowboard side cuts which allow the rider to carve the sides of the pipe much easier. Half pipe is also the hardest and most challenging aspect of the sport. Today many professional riders ride "super pipes" or super-sized half pipes, these super pipes virtually launch the rider eighteen to twenty feet in the air. Imagine soaring down the slope and entering the mouth to a mammoth half pipe, and as you reach the lip the boards' flex pops you off of the snow and sends your body into the air, while flying you slowly rotate your body and grab the board. Before you realize it you are now...