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A five page paper which covers the history, occurances, and Catholic beliefs behind the stigmata of Jesus Christ. (Bibliography included)

"Stigmata""To be like Him in His suffering and torment, before death comes!" (Timmermans) This was th ... omes!" (Timmermans) This was the revelation that St. Francis of Assisi came to the night before the stigmata was conferred upon him. The stigmata is the appearance of wounds on the hands and feet, and ... and head, which duplicate the wounds of Christ's crucifixion. There are many theories as to why the stigmata occurs, many accept it with blind faith as a sign from God, while many more approach the wh ...

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Padre Pio: Man of God.

's association at age of 15. He was the first priest in Catholic church history to ever receive the stigmata; the wounds in which Jesus Christ bore for his 3 days of suffering. He lost nearly a pint o ... of suffering. He lost nearly a pint of blood every day for over 50 years due to the effects of the stigmata. The satanic demons interrogated this person to bring his soul to hell then to the way of t ...

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The One and True Religion

I suggest you watch Stigmata the movie to feel the impact that I did. Even though it is just a movie, it brings a very b ...

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Stigma.The Body

mining it's Greek historical text we must also examine a derivative of the word stigma and that is 'stigmata'.Although heavy in it's religious tone, in order to gain an understanding to the question s ... question set.Are these signs of God self induced or is there any evidence to support the theory of stigmata. Indeed in recent times there have been moves to make Padre Pio a Saint because of this phe ...

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Religion And Movies

There are several movies that have sacrilegious content, maybe even demonic. Such movies as Dogma, Stigmata, and End of Days have brought about controversy in the Catholic churches and don't portray ... two fingers. The Cardinal, played by George Carlin, called this statue the "Buddy Christ".The movie Stigmata looked at the experience people go through, just as Jesus did during His crucifixion. A pri ...

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The Stigmata In the summer of 1924, while Francis was on Mount LaVerna where he was spending a forty day ... y day fast in honor of St. Michael, alone with God, Christ rewarded him with the greatest gift, the Stigmata, where his hands and feet were pierced and his side had a wound just like Jesus. While deep ... ed. The vision disappeared and his heart was filled with great joy and love. It was then he saw the Stigmata on himself. Francis knew he was being rewarded with the Stigmata by God for his great love ...

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