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Office of Strategic Services

arbitrate their squabbles. A few weeks later, Roosevelt in frustration resorted to a characteristic stratagem. With some subtle prompting from a pair of British officials--Admiral John H. Godfrey and ...

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Homer - "The Odyssey" It is surprising that Odysseus, 'a master of stratagems,' can also be reckless and impulsive?

It is surprising that Odysseus, 'a master of stratagems,' can also be reckless and impulsive?Throughout the Epic, The Odyssey, Odysseus is determ ... and refuses to compromise a very narrow sense of integrity. On the contrary, he is ready to use any stratagem to get home. Odysseus lies, accepts insults, disguises himself, represses his emotions and ... hallenges and also the opportunity to return home as a heroic icon.Odysseus was surely a 'master of stratagems.' Cunning, strong, skillful, courageous and patient. The King of Ithaca, leader of his pe ...

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Biography on Civil War General Ambrose Burnsides, and why he was so ineffective.

tween the States is Ambrose Burnsides. Known more for his daring fashion sense than his tactics and stratagem, Burnside has gone down in history as the "luckless soldier." Although beginning and endin ...

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Book Review: "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu

so the most famous. The work is divided into thirteen chapters, Laying Plans, Waging War, Attack by Stratagem, Tactical Dispositions, Energy, Weak Points and Strong, Maneuvering, Variation of Tactics, ...

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"Easy Rider"

. These two men, Captain America "Wyatt" and Billy, financed the trip with the "buy low, sell high" stratagem with some cocaine purchased in Mexico. They sell this to a well-to-do businessman, who has ...

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Sky High Strategies - From: Corporate Strategy, Richard Lynch Page 23

ean airlines?The markets of the world are in a state of flux. In order to understand and change the stratagem one must understand the market conditions and some of the history of the industry. Profess ...

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As You Like It

Most of the play takes place in the Forest of Arden. The city is depicted as evil, full of hatred, stratagem, deception, and envy. In contrast, the forest is characterized by freedom, beauty and natu ...

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Europe's leading telecom companies: overstretched and under threat (Case study 15.2, Richard Lynch, pages 534 – 537)

author will offer comment on the relevance or application of both the prescriptive and the emergent stratagem.Question 1.Given the lower levels of market growth, coupled with the grip of the existing ...

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To what extent was the Greek victory at Troy due to military tactics and technology, rather than military intelligence?

tactics and corroborating with other sources to prove that tactics and technology were the ultimate stratagem that won the Trojan War.On the way to Troy from Aulis, the Mycenaean's seem to have stoppe ... ilt, a symbolic submission to the gods of the horse taming Trojans. [ ]"The Horse was a conquest by stratagem" [ ] it was a method to put the defenders to sleep and breach the walls. The tactic of the ...

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Kava Project 2 Scenario based decision making

nt that companies have a moral obligation to enhance the communities in which they do business. The stratagem here is to balance with the economic with the socio-humanistic aspect of the project. Rend ...

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have the preferred technology?3.Can your company support the purchasing and desired implementation stratagem?4.Does your company understand the implications of implementation of the word processing s ...

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The Scarlett Letter

Individual and Community through Symbolism in Feminist LiteratureJust as depiction and dialogue and stratagem work on the exterior to move the story along, symbolism/ imagery works underneath the exte ...

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As You Like It - From Triviality to Complexity

ays the woman always takes the initiative” . But what he also observes is that Rosalind’s stratagem of disguising to charm Orlando is contrasting with Orlando’s femininity, if I could u ...

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