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Emilie du Chatelet

n mathematics wasrarely original or as captivating as that of other female mathematicians but itwas substantive. At the age of nineteen she married Marquis du Chatelet. During thefirst two year ...

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Comparative essay contrasting both Kant and Aristotle's views on the philosophy of societal virtue.

ft, marking the conception of the Enlightenment. Philosophy took a drastic shift from predominantly substantive reason to procedural views, markedly seen in works by philosophers St. Augustine, Rene D ... d Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals it is possible to better understand the shift from substantive to procedural reasoning. Although Aristotelian philosophy and logic shares some common g ...

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Hypocritical Law.

Coast.He was found guilty of contempt of court.Legal Standard:"Clear and Present Danger"- that the substantive evil must be extremely serious and and the degree of imminence extremely high before utt ... remely serious and and the degree of imminence extremely high before utterances can be punished.The substantive evil here is to be double:1. Disrespect for the judiciary2. Disorderly and unfair admini ...

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Conflict management case study

ture and identifying the type of the conflict is essential to managing it. There are issue based or substantive and emotional based or personalized conflicts. We can make a difference between construc ... e dealing with before we can select the appropriate conflict-resolution tool to resolve it.2.TYPESa.Substantive vs. Personalized ConflictAccording to the source of conflicts, in the workplace generall ...

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Discuss the Inchoate Offence of Attempt

e or incomplete offence of "Attempt" is not a crime by itself. It is only criminal in relation to a substantive criminal offence. There are two other main Inchoate offences, Incitement and Conspiracy. ... ce to Haughton & Smith and Nock . S1 (4) of the Act provides that s1 only applies to indictable substantive offences. This essay will critically assess whether the CAA has simplified the law on at ...

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North American vs European Trends in the research of religion

divided over socioeconomic factors among Catholics, Jews and Protestants. There was no evidence of substantive differences among Catholics and Protestants in scientific and economic areas. Also, it w ...

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The importance of application of computer in our lives

. deep down, i guess this might be a plausible hypothesis were it not for the following points.on a substantive level, it is often the case that teachers can benefit students in many ways that compute ...

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Record a workplace or any scenario in which you were involved and which relates especially to communication models and approaches, and non-verbal communication you have learnt in class.

ature and identifying the type of the conflict is essential to managing it. There is issue based or substantive and emotional based or personalized conflicts. We can make a difference between construc ... issues. These kinds of conflicts almost always get worse over time, if they cannot be converted to substantive conflict.There are three areas of conflict will include. Firstly, it is inevitable part ...

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Psychological Egoism

ow that necessarily all actions are selfish. So it must be a priori. But no a priori claim could be substantive: a priori truths are all analytic (that is, the predicate is contained in the subject). ...

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Giant Store Case

prone to understatement.2. The nature of "search for unrecorded liabilities" as a year-end substantive test for a client's current liability is to make sure they are not understated. Auditor ...

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The philosophy of social research.

ffect styles of sociological thinking, in establishing and refining the philosophical bases of more substantive enquires.There have been many definitions of philosophy and as many different philosophi ...

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Football as a civil religion: A Case Study.

erms of its relationship to society. The first is concerned with what religion is, and is therefore substantive. It describes religion as beliefs and practices which assume the existence of supernatur ... or it binds people together in distinctive forms of collective action. Civil Religion, however, is substantively different from religion in the conventional sense, and functionally similar only with ...

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Explain briefly Ninian Smart's seven dimensional model of religion. Do you think that Smart's model solves the problems that arise when attempting to define religion?

e up with a neatly defined term for what constitutes a religion.Many scholar definitions are either substantive or functional. Substantive definitions distinguish religion by common beliefs and practi ... istinguish religion by common beliefs and practices such as (rituals, prayer or belief in one god). Substantive definitions tend to be too narrow and prejudiced; it would be difficult to consider Budd ...

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