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Themes of Deception and Justice in "The Orestia" and "Leda and The Swan"

takes on physical form. Yeats uses a swan as the metaphor because of its natural grace and beauty;. Swans are not often associated with being birds of violence. One might envision a vulture attacking ... often associated with being birds of violence. One might envision a vulture attacking someone, but swans are thought of as birds of beauty and grace, and symbolize elegance and peacefulness. The acti ...

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The Mute Swan.

Swans are the largest, and generally considered the most beautiful of the waterfowl. The Mute Swan, ... e all white. A swan can have up to 25,000 feathers. The Mute Swan can be distinguished from other swans by the knob at the base of its upper bill, and the color of the bill itself- orange, with the ... they are practicing for later in life. There is a higher incidence of courtship among two-year old swans in the flock than one-year old swans. However, most do not start until they are between three ...

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"Wild Swans" by Jun Xhang.

Wilder Swans is an account of the lives of three generations of women during the turbalent times of 20th ce ... it was instated by Mao ultimately did not satisfy the needs of the suffering country. Overall, Wild Swans details the struggles of the country of China through the perspectives of these three women, a ...

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Response for "The Swans".

The Swans, by Clifford DymentMidstream they met. Challenger and champion,They fought a war for honorFier ... e aim and sought it quickly.The combat over the victor sailed awayBroken, but placid as the gift of swans,Leaving his rival to his shame alone.I listened for a song, according to story,But this swan's ... all around it swan's-downBobbed on the river like children's little boats.This is the story of two Swans who met to battle in the middle of a river. They both had the same aim, which was to destroy t ...

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Lakeland Swans

Swans:Not Just Uncommonly Large Statues Found Around the Lakeland Area. It never fails. Every ... ediately that I found humor in them. In most cases one might think that the largest of the geese or swans would dominate the collection of breadcrumbs, but it was the smallest of the ducks that was fo ... backed away from their rightfully claimed dinner when he approached was astounding. The four swans present held themselves with grace and poise as their vividly white feathers and perfectly per ...

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Feature article on "Billy Elliot" directed by Stephen Daldry.

Decisions, decisions...From Coal Dust Into a Lake of SwansA year 12 student, examines various worlds of Billy Elliot.All in all, we all have to make deci ...

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The Wild Swans at Coole

The theme of 'The Wild Swans at Coole' is the passage of time.In the past, the poet could count all the Swans before they a ... hat time, he was much younger and passionate.At present, 19 years have passed after he last saw the swans, he can count there is 'nine and fifty' swans, the number of swans has been decreasing, though ... is sore', he becomes less passionate and becomes old day after day.Then the poet thinks whether the swans will all fly away in the future, and he hopes he can always remember the beautiful scene as li ...

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The Wild Swans at Coole by William Butler Yeats

oole Park was 19 years ago when he was 35 and what he remembers most about it each year is counting swans which creates an image of leisure as to count "nine-and-fifty swans", Yeats must have had a lo ... in the year. There is a sudden contrast from verse 1 as suddenly there is dramatic activity in the swans as they all fly up to the sky. This is both very beautiful but also violent at the same time. ...

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Picnic At Hanging Rock

She was often visually compared to a swan through out the film by hinting or cutting to pictures of swans. She was always shot with a soft focus and warm colors which helped contribute to the characte ...

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Edward Scissorhands

ecial by doing things for them such as sculpting a ballerina out of a tree for Helen and making two swans that form a heart for Joyce. These symbolize what they desire and want. Joyce, however wants E ...

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Write a letter to the poet of The Wild Swans at Coole

ies in St. Clare’s Girls’ School in Hong Kong. I have just read your poem, ‘The Wild Swans at Coole’ , it was impressive and well written, lots of feelings came up to my mind when ... hen I am reading it, so I decided to write you a letter.Your poem has drawn the scenery of the wild swans at Augusta Gregory’s Coole Park; I could feel how lively the swans are. I love to watch w ...

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Stolen Child

mbering trout'. 'Herons' tends to be a symbol of freedom, evident in Yeats' other works such as The Swans in Coole Lake. Here, it can symbolise the escape of a mortal world into this magical idealised ...

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