Lakeland Swans

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Not Just Uncommonly Large Statues Found Around the Lakeland Area.

It never fails. Every time I am in a hurry, something seems to prohibit me from getting what I need to do accomplished on time. Getting to work is no exception for me, especially working around Lake Morton. I try to take alternate routes when transporting myself from school to work, but always seem to subconsciously pick the wrong road. It always happens to be the road where those darn geese, swan, and duck clusters decide to take their time in figuring out which direction they would like to go as they stand squawking boisterously in front of my car. They nonchalantly turn their heads in all directions as if showing confusion, but I often wonder if it is a form of fowl humor to watch the impatient human species squirm in the anticipation of a chance to dart speedily around them and on with their lives.

This time was different for me though. I was not on my way to work, but purposely there to observe. As I drove around Lake Morton I was hoping for a possible crossing or two but to my dismay there were none, so I parked my uncommonly filthy car and headed for the closest park bench.

The birds approached me immediately like I had taken out a triangle, beaten it wildly, and yelled "CHOW TIME!" After a minute or so of me trying to explain to them that I had no food for them they snapped their heads in disgust and waddled impatiently back into the lake. It was soon after that that a father and his toddler aged son approached with a bag full of green, moldy bread to feed the starving flock. Again, the birds attacked like a band of...