Edward Scissorhands

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Edward Scissorhands directed by Tim Burton featured two important sequences. One being the Salon scene with sound techniques and visual techniques. The other was the Ice Angel scene which displayed very effective lighting and costuming.

The turning point for Edward was a scene being one of the most important and effective which was the Salon scene. The music was very symbolic, especially with the title being 'With these Hands' which matched Edward's deformity. Joyce see's Edward as something that will make her stand out and be noticed because in this film Edward makes everyone feel special by doing things for them such as sculpting a ballerina out of a tree for Helen and making two swans that form a heart for Joyce. These symbolize what they desire and want. Joyce, however wants Edward all to herself because she wants to be the special and noticed one. By wanting this, Joyce tries to seduce Edward by taking her clothes off in front of him.

Edward does not fall for it and runs out of the salon leaving Joyce feeling frustrated and rejected.

Edward's Scissorhands and Joyce's long talon-like finger nails are juxtaposed. They are a important symbol because it tells us alot about her nature of being some kind of bird with claws trying to catch Edward as her prey. The mannequins that surround the room symbolizes the apparent perfection of society. While dancing for Edward, Joyce mirrors the mannequins pose exactly. Ironically these mannequins that symbolize what women aspire to are the exact opposite.

The Ice Angel scene involved various kinds of lighting. This scene was done during the night, which means that it would be dark and scary but Tim Burton allows light to shine through because when Kim is dancing around in the snow that Edward is creating...