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Rosa Parks

against racism and stood up for herself. It was even harder for her because she is a woman, and in those days, things were much harder for woman.Rosa Parks hated the ways of her life. She had always ...

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St. Francis Assissi

e, was a prosperous cloth merchant and one of the influential business men of Assisi. A merchant in those days was a far different individual from the modern shop keeper; forced by circumstances to be ... hing but, depending upon the inspiration of the moment, addressed himself with burning intensity to those before him. His whole body seemed to preach, and his gestures were vivacious and, perhaps, vio ...

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Superdad Syndrome

f his feelings behind the newspaper. Most of the child-rearing duties were left to mom. We can kiss those days good-bye! In Western cultures there is an increasing number of men who are extremely acti ...

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Macintosh vs. IBM

. Heeventually widened the company lines to include electronic computers, which was extremely newin those days. In 1975 IBM introduced their first personal computer (PC) which was called theModel 5100 ...

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Was Jesus a Political Revolutionary?

years. We first encounter Jesus as an adult when he meets up with his cousin, John the Baptist. 'In those days John the Baptist appeared in the wilderness of Judea, proclaiming, 'Repent, for the kingd ...

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Confucius and His Influence on Far Eastern Culture

hat her awaited child shall be a king without a crown.' Confucius was born present-day Shantung (in those days it was called the sate of Lu) He was born into the noble K'ung clan. His father, was the ...

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Function of festivals in Early Modern Europe 1400-1800. Why the authorities, civil and ecclesiastical seek to control or suppress them?

d their stories, to be celebrated by the populace. They posed a change from their everyday life. In those days people lived in remembrance of one festival and in expectance of the next. Different kind ... und. Annuals festivals like Christmas and Midsummer always took place on the same day every year.In those days the average village in Western Europe celebrated at least 17 festivals annually, not coun ...

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he field, that Cain rose up against Abel hisbrother, and slew him.' (Genesis 4:8)Back in those days, murder was pretty clear cut. If you killed someone, it was called murder. Of course, ... re circumstances in which killing someone else is just fine, and even desirable. But what are those circumstances? What exactly is justifiable killing? Is abortion OK? How about w ...

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Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM)

elitis/encephalitis' (the case was unknown). Judging from the literature, EPM wasn't very common in those days. In the 1970s the disease was described as equine protozoal myeloencephalitis for the fir ...

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Causes and Effects of Internet, ICQ and IRC on My Life

re alcohol was forbidden. Actually I was not happy with this kind of leisure. The greatest event of those days was day when my parent bought me a computer and let me to connect to Internet. The greate ...

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Provincialism in to Kill A Mockingird

so sharply; it was the years where clashes between certain ethnic groups occured. The happenings of those days have been reflected upon literature as well. Most of the authors often take racism as the ... t the ways of other people. Aunt Alexandra, who comes to stay with Atticus just for a while fits in those ladies very well and becomes a permanent member of all the social activities in Maycomb. She e ...

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The Intricate Art of Being... Joseph Conrad.

d and his father were allowed to return from exile to Lumberg. " I have very little recollection of those days... but what I do remember is how great it was to be allowed back into society. My only pr ... in 1898 and his book Heart of Darkness began to be serialized in Blackwood's. When asked about how those two key events affected him especially seeing that they were in the same year he replied, " Th ...

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Poem on past.

YOUR IT!Cooties, cooties,Away with boysthey are ickyAll they do is destroyWhat great memories I had those daysthe great smell of grandma's fresh-bake cookiesHow the flavor always tasteYummy, wummy in ...

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Muhammad ali biography.

'60s, largely controlled by the people, was in a failing state until Muhammad Ali-Cassius Clay, in those days-appeared on the scene.Though Ali won the gold medal at the Rome Olympics in 1960, at t ... ch, his free arm wobbly visibly from the effects of Parkinson's.It was a kind of revelation that those who watched realized how much they missed him and how much he had contributed to the world of ...

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Times of Change in British Literature.

al and radical reforms tale place. The change in values and roles is reflected in the literature of those days. In the Romantic Period, Mary Wollstonecraft began to champion for women's rights and equ ... in 1790. In this work, Wollstonecraft details the suffering of the lower classes and the cruelty of those in power. Later she penned her A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, which spoke out against g ...

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Journey of the Classical Hero in Demeter and Persephone.

er, Persephone, knew true happiness. Together, the two goddesses of nature roamed the Earth. And in those days, the world seemed like a boundless paradise with all life in perpetual full bloom. Demete ...

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"Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe.

e outside world about the little village and to remind the people of its own traditional values. In those days, many Africans were just willing to accept that there culture as nothing and full of rubb ...

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The news media in Australia.

e, male presenter reading the entire bulletin. 'The Australian Broadcasting Commission felt that in those days to use pictures, was to descend to the levels of the popular press.'(Mason & Lean, 19 ... aving about eighteen minutes for general news.' (Tiffen, 1989: 22-23) Due to this short time frame, those stories that make it to the newsroom are carefully sifted through by a 'copy-taster' who gener ...

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The Black Dahlia Mystery.

setts town where her mother introduced her to the movies at a young age. Betty, as she was known in those days, fell in love with this form of entertainment. She saw it as a way to escape her poverty ... ular meeting ground for people in the film industry. Quite a few people were interested in her from those days; she was a seductive woman who knew how to wrap men around her little finger. But she kep ...

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Basic paper on What Diabetes is.

to function properly. Not too long ago,people didn't know what diabetes was or how to treat it. In those days people who haddiabetes often died as a result of not being able to convert food into the ... food into the energy needed bythe body. We now know what diabetes is, and how to treat it, to help those with diabeteslive a normal and healthy lives. However, we still don't know what exactly causes ...

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