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Canada's Copyright Law

Pirating. There are severalforms which this can take. The most common form is very similar to audio/videocassettes. It is when someone copies a game or program from his/her computer tosomeone elses. A ...

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Buying Opposed to Renting Economics for Business I/ Econ 360 Dr Pamela Cameron

posed to Renting With the introduction of the digital video decoder (DVD) to the market, the videocassette recorder (VCR) is becoming obsolete. More and more single-family homes are opting for ... ore and more single-family homes are opting for the digital dolby discs rather than the traditional videocassettes. With video renting becoming a more popular source of entertainment, the DVD rental i ...

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The treatment and personnel involvement in a film production

the digital impulses may be easily retrieved in as close to the original form as possible. Digital recorders, whether they are recording an audio or the video signal, produce checking and compensatin ... d to correct any errors that may be inadvertently have been recorded. As in analogue equipment, the recorder ability to accurately reproduce the original signal is tied directly to the cost of equipme ...

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Technology Forecasting

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Owning A DVD Or A VCR, Which Is Better?

d has better sound and picture output.First, a VCR is more economical to own than a DVD Player. The videocassettes are less expensive than the blank DVD's. The video recorders are also less expensive ...

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