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Legalization of Majiuna

Legalize It! Many feel today we are loosing the war on drugs. When a battle goes to the point where there is no winner there needs to be a re-evalua ... here is no winner there needs to be a re-evaluation of how to solve the problem. In the case of the war against drugs, years of fighting have caused increased crime, overcrowding of prisons and the wa ... Granted, the overall cost of drug use would not decrease; however, supporters of the continued war on drug and the further illegalization of these drugs say that legalization would cost more both ...

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The War America Can't Win

The ong>Warong> America Can't WinIn this country, we are locked in war we simply cannot win. We strive to protec ... inst enemies who are driven by the lure of an obscene profit. We have fought this a version of this war before, and we lost that one. All that has really resulted from this war is the overcrowding of ... of ordinary citizens, and paranoia and distrust. If its not obvious already, I am referring to the war on drugs.As time goes on, it becomes more and more evident that the war on drugs is as useless a ...

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A justification paper for the use of racial profiling.

loud cry of the citizens in these communities, that the federal government now funds a $37 billion "ong>Warong> on Drugs" that started during the Reagan presidency. While everyone agrees that drugs and weapon ... e crimes - and therefore be far more successful in his career - than one who biases his attention toward, say, middle-aged Asian women." It is this probability that the true form of racial profiling i ...

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War on Drugs by US Government - Research paper

ong>Warong> on DrugsThe American fought war on drugs has a deep impact on the affected Latin American countr ... dreds of thousands of farmers who were relying on more lucrative market prices for coca plants. The war against drug production and trafficking is the number one priority of Latin American policy in t ... Latin American policy in the current Bush Administration thus continuing George W. Bushs' father's war on drugs.The economic situation of these countries worsens steadily because of the decreasing in ...

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Benefits of legalizing Marijuana

ue for Americans for various reasons. We hear stories every day about drug-related crimes, but the "war on drugs" has been going on for years, and it is obviously failing. Drug laws have only caused m ... drug laws is greatly needed and should be considered as a good idea.Works CitedJacob Lyles. Protest ong>Warong> Begun Long Ago. The Media Awareness Project. 4/21/03Frequently Asked Questions. The National Org ...

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Drug legalization.

Any close examination of the "war on drugs" metaphor leads inescapably to the conclusion that one weapon could bring us to the bri ... n consider it surrender.How have we confused surrender with victory? Let's start by looking at the "war on drugs" metaphor closely, and define some "war" terms. First, who or what is the "enemy?" Seco ... define some "war" terms. First, who or what is the "enemy?" Second, what defines "victory" in this "war?"Is the "enemy" in this "war" the drug addict? No reasonable person believes that. Addicts are i ...

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A comparison between the 1920's and the 1980's.

al, economical, and political. Some of the similarities between the decades are Prohibition and the ong>Warong> on Drugs, the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and 1987, and the influence of music on society.Prohibi ... drunkenness in America and thereby decrease the crime rate, especially in large cities. Although towards the beginning of Prohibition this purpose seemed to be fulfilled, the crime rate soon skyrocke ...

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"War on Drugs" described from the Radical Theory of Sociology.

"ong>Warong> on Drugs"The war on drugs has cost the U.S. billions of dollars in the last decade, and millions ...

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Should the "war" on drugs continue to be fought the same way? Three reasons for and three reasons against, with critiques of both.

The ong>Warong> on DrugsThe United States has continuously been fighting a losing war on drugs, spending billion ... evidence that drug use and possession has decreased because of what our government has spent on the war. Many valid points have been brought up by various professionals on whether or not this battle s ... ing our society.First, there are reasons that should be considered in the defense of continuing the war. For the past few decades, American society has been obsessed with healthy lifestyles. If we are ...

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The history of us customs.

by the Internal Revenue Service. Corruption in this department dates all the way back to the Civil ong>Warong>. Pay for Customs agents wasn't the greatest, but somehow they still ended up with plenty of mone ... nts. I chose to write my paper on corruption within the Customs Department for several reasons. The war on drugs has always fascinated me. I have always had an anti-drug belief. I also have a boyfrien ...

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Casinos in Massachusetts

mical, moral, religious and social issue surrounding casino gambling. Many opponents likened it to ?war on drugs? calling it ?war on gambling?2. The major underlying reason for casino legalization in ... ety as a whole. The spirit of gambling is uncontrollable materialism, changing people?s attitudes toward money and work. It thrives on and encourages greed ? giving people the idea they can get someth ...

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The Effects of the Legalization of Marijuana

out of hand that many options are being considered to control it or even solve it. Ending the drug war seems to be impossible. The war on drugs seems to be accomplishing a lot but this is not true. D ...

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War on drugs

ong>Warong> On DrugsThere are good points and bad points to ong>Warong> on Drugs. Some people feel that legalizing d ... the spread of AIDS. "Infection among IV drug abusers is continuing to occur at a very steady rate," warn Richard E. Chaisson director of the AIDS service at John Hopkins University. In the U.S gay men ...

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Response of idea that marijuana has gotten more potent over the years and the media portrayal

The war on drugs is an inevitable event and can not be eradicated. There is always going to be people do ...

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Assignment 3: Video Analysis, "Prisoners of the War on Drugs"

Assignment 3: Video Analysis, "Prisoners of the ong>Warong> on Drugs" After watching " Prisoners of the ong>Warong> on Drugs I decided to write my analysis o ...

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A Case for the Leagalization of All Drugs

nts on television, our world is far from being drug free. Our societies have given in to the modern war on drugs, which is being fought against our own citizens across the United States. An internatio ... g, murder, corruption and many other undesirable things are hurting our society because of the drug wars cold and inhuman policies. In addition to these problems there are the initial problems that dr ...

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Legalising/Decriminalising Marijuana: Analytical Evaluative Essay

galisation or decriminalisation amounts to surrendering too easily, whilst others believe that the "war on drugs" can never be won. It is argued that instead of fighting against marijuana at considera ... ins illegal to cultivate, possess or sell marijuana. There is no provision for police to caution or warn first-time offenders, and there is no system of on-the-spot fines. Offenders must face court, w ...

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lity: I went on the Internet to research medical marijuana and also found out how it relates to the war on drugs.Transition Sentence 1: This plant has been used for healing and medicine throughout his ...

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War on Drugs

ong>Warong> on DrugsThere are good points and bad points to ong>Warong> on Drugs. Some people feel that legalizing d ...

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Drugs and alcohol

o answer for years. Recently, many institutions and organizations have formed in order to fight the war on drugs and help diminish the percent of Americans who use dangerous drugs and excessive amount ... ence, the government, and other institutions can define alcoholism better they can increase public awareness of alcoholism.Drug abuse has been the major concern of American society since the lavish ou ...

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