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It's about the wildlife in the Serengeti and how you can manage to survive there

Imagine the teeming wildlife in the Serengeti Plains of South Africa. zebras, wildebeest, and gazelle grazing on the tal ... uture Africa have and will experience if something is not done soon to stop it. The conservation of wildlife is a key element of all ecosystems of the world, and should be looked upon with utmost impo ... s that grows on the ground. The main reason why food chains are so important to the conservation of wildlife, is that if any species goes extinct, the rest of the chain is upset. For instance, in the ...

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Research Assignment on Gabon

Bongo and his ministers. These three men were British biologist Lee White had been working for the Wildlife Conservation Society as the head of its operations in Gabon for ten years previously, a Cam ... , a Cameroonian biologist named Andre Kamdem Toham who had been working in Libreville for the World Wildlife Fund, and Mike Fay, an American ecologist who was famous in Gabon for his Megatransect trek ...

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Population Issues Report – Western Lowland Gorilla

wland Gorilla's population graphBiologists:Omari Ilambu, is a biologist from ICCN, working with the Wildlife Conservation Society in Kahuzi-Biega National Park. In the park, many rebels and refugees a ... park and using the bamboo (gorilla's food source) for building materials and hunt large amounts of wildlife for food and commercial trade. This is just something he has said, "It's tragic that this w ...

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Africa-Ethics and Environmental Case Study

resolve the growing concern over the slaughtering of primates, great apes, and many more threatened wildlife species. Naturally; poverty, survival, the need for animal protein, and in some cases the o ... survival and destruction. Scientifically defined, poaching is the act of trapping and slaughtering wildlife on others’ premises. This massacring of the wildlife has reduced once flourishing numb ...

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Case Study: The Saga of the Great Apes

ets. Additionally, access into the dense forests via the logger roads allowed hunters to get to the wildlife easier and to haul out carcasses after the kill. Hunting became a commercialized industry w ... are also suffering from habitat loss and poaching in the Congo, Central Africa, Nigeria and Gabon. (Wildlife Conservation Society [WCS], 2008)The distribution chain starts with the logging companies w ...

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Leopard man

omes in. Is a person truly an individual or are they just going with the flow. Logan Feys discusses society and peer pressure in his article "The Sociology of Leopard Man". In his article he states th ... disorder." I agree with him. Today, we are pressured everywhere to be uniform to our neighbor. Our society rejects individuals because they are the 'unknown'. If you are unique, you can't be predicte ...

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