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The view of women in varios cultures

In the stories read concerning India and South America, women play important roles. Some are not so tasteful while others portray them as strong and indepen ... hemselves quite differently. They lead a life that dos not parallel ours but hopefully one day will.Women in India occupy a paradoxical status. On one hand, there is an abundance of goddesses occupyin ... piled against them; Sati, Dowry-system, etc. come to mind. Yet, now there are possibly more Indian women in scientific, medical, and professional areas than many Aliberalized@ Western nations. After ...

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The Difference in Cultures

ave to fill in for them. The only people besides children who are not allowed to see are the single women. The only way that they can attend is if there is no one else to go. There has to be three cou ... t belong to the parents but to the community as well. It is considered to be a scandal if an Indian women goes to a hospital to have a baby.For the mothers other children there are not to know where o ...

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Choice vs. Tradition, marriages.

vant or prisoner to her husband. Indian society is quick to reject divorced, separated or abandoned women. If a woman went home because of a disastrous marriage, her parents' status in society would b ... which is of most importance, would be abolished and they would be made social rejects. Most Indian women have no choice but to endure their arranged marriages if they take a turn for the worst.The cu ...

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Biography of Indira Ghandi

Indira Gandhi was a women of courage and strength in a country that has been known to be very repressive toward women. I ... been known to be very repressive toward women. In this society like most of the world for its time, women were only seen as wives, sisters, and mothers. Women had a social status that was below men. I ... India's society is blood tries are passed down through the male side of the family or patrilinear. Women in India were often forced to live in seclusion, having limited mobility. In India there are m ...

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Women and the Sikh religion

akistan. A brief reference about the social inequalities of that period, especially with respect to women, helps to appreciate the progressive doctrine adopted by the Sikh Gurus. For centuries, the st ... ed to menstruation and child birth, deliberate deprivation of education led to the deterioration of women's position in society. This was further justified by religious sanctions as was done by Manu, ...

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This is an essay about the role of idol worship for Hindu women in India.

All over the world women have been trying to gain their independence from the patriarchal society they live in. Women o ... r years to break through the conventional norms of an oppressive and suppressive culture. The Hindu women in India find this cultural lag especially difficult because their religion is one of the most ... ich faiths in the world today. Trying to live in a society that worships goddesses but abuses their women is unbearable. The Hindu women of India are starting to break through their culturally suppres ...

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The Conflict between Western culture and Indian culture dipicted in 'The Guide' by R.K. Narayan and 'English Lessons and other stories' by Shauna Singh Baldwin.

as a tour guide and lover where as Baldwin's collection of fifteen short stories talks about Indian women trying to come to grips with their situation of cultural displacement in North America.Both no ... guide to that of a spiritual guide and similarly, English Lessons and other stories focus on Indian women's courage and adaptability necessary to maintain an Indian identity while living in an English ...

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"Men are Chauvinist Pigs" Speech

Good morning, my fellow women. I have a dream that one day women will be treated equally. That women will beak through the g ... am that one day women will be treated equally. That women will beak through the glass ceiling. That women from all over the world will be able stand up to dominating men. That men will get over their ... will be able stand up to dominating men. That men will get over their feelings of misogyny. I want women to be able to walk down the street without being called out to, honked or whistled at from car ...

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The Dark Room

The Dark Room, illustrates the inescapable dependency and suppression of Brahmin women at the time by demonstrating four women’s inability to be self-sufficient within a high-c ... ends up lost in darkness and ambiguity. This pattern and motif reveals the embedded suppression of women in India’s Brahmin society at that time. Moreover, Narayan presents two modern types of B ... ition and supportive husband, still fail to be self-reliant. Savitri is only able to find empowered women, like Ponni, and a self-made place for herself when she escapes high-caste expectations by liv ...

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Traditional and Non-traditional Culture

ne's duty in a culture that considers all people alike (Respect your Elders, 2000). The majority of women in India were traditional dress and although a large amount of men wear conventional Western c ... in a culture that seems to be centered on wanting everything now, no matter what the cost. Men and women dress in many different types of clothing and it common for women to wear suits and pants.Valu ...

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Is India a good place for women ?

eaths and foetal infanticide are not uncommen, and many men do not see the issues involving harm to women as a bad thing.However India does not have it's appealing side, certain changes are beginning ... it's appealing side, certain changes are beginning to take place to ensure that India is safer for women. This is being done by enforcing laws, a raise in women in government, and women in general ar ...

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