"Men are Chauvinist Pigs" Speech

Essay by supwillis April 2007

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Good morning, my fellow women. I have a dream that one day women will be treated equally. That women will beak through the glass ceiling. That women from all over the world will be able stand up to dominating men. That men will get over their feelings of misogyny. I want women to be able to walk down the street without being called out to, honked or whistled at from cars.

I want women to not get the sleazy looks or touches from men as they check you out. I want women in India to not be put in a widows home when her husband dies, for she is seen as unlucky. Why should men be so sacred? I want women to be able to wear whatever they want and show as much skin as they want, and not have to suffer any consequences. I want women to be able to get work where ever they want.

I want women's name of only being good in the kitchen cleared. I want the term "House Wife" to be wiped clean from our slate. I want women's income to be as high as mens. I want more women to have careers in a board room of a high company.

I'm going to persuade you that male chauvinists are pigs. Firstly I will define the term chauvinist pig.

According to the Macquarie Dictionary, the word chauvinism comes from a man Nicolas Chauvin who was an old soldier and overenthusiastic admirer of Napolean. The word chauvinism means zealous and belligerent patriotism or devotion to any cause, as a male chauvinism. In the 60's when feminism was recognised women took the term chauvinist, seeing men as the militarist, patriotic, narrow minded stereotypical male.

Today a male chauvinist is a man who is a...