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  • Great Essay

    Hey this is one great essay, so useful! great help for my German gcse revision.
    • 27/04/2008
    • 03:26:36
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  • Well done

    Great Essay, you really seem to define and understand what "metal" really is as a genre. However, my only critique is that you haven't mentioned enough band names. For example you could have mentioned examples of Megadeth and Metallica in thrash and you should have put out a section for weirder types of metal, such as melodic death metal and love metal.
    • 31/03/2008
    • 02:40:46
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  • Are you realy defining heavy metal?

    I would say you've got a good essay defining the development of rock and possibly delving slightly into hard rock (with a bit of Led Zeppelin & Deep Purple) and 2 metal ands "metallica" and "Black Sabbath", but people like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton from cream? metal? be serious, they don't have that whole shred high gain super fast metal sound, they were the pioneers of rock music. You missed out a lot of 80's and even much later scenes of metals, what happened to Megadeath, Slayer, Anthrax, what about death metal, in flames?
    • 31/03/2008
    • 02:37:39
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  • Basics covered

    In short, I would say this essay has the beggining of a longer explanation at hand. There is more to be added to what has been said, but several of the most powerfull and important programming languages such as PHP and ASP and CGI, have been completely missed. More needs to be said about what they do and why, the art of getting a domain name hosting a site, how that all works?However what is said, is usefull and sound.
    • 18/02/2008
    • 11:16:12
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  • Not a bad essay

    Gives a decent overview of the diffrent era's of so called Rock, however several great bands for example the legendary whitesnake were missed out and there was not enough defenition of what each genre was and what made it that genre.Why was Deep PUrple hard rock? there was no mention of changes in vocals, guitar style, sounds, solo's, look. Not enough mention on 80's hard rock, lack of mention of classik rock solo's and themes of songs. However, good attempt.
    • 18/02/2008
    • 11:10:07
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  • Quite Good

    Good but concise essay, what might be worth adding to the theme is the implications on the music industry, has music in general become to commercialized? and thus lowered the quality and meaning of the music? i.e spice girls, has the industry become to rich greedy and hated? the other side needs to be portrayed, but what is portrayed, is portrayed well.
    • 18/02/2008
    • 09:27:40
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  • A Very Good Essay

    I think this essay is brilliant. I also believe that bill clinton was a brilliant president, But i do think the essay should have said more about the "sexual affairs
    • 07/02/2004
    • 06:17:43
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