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  • Thx

    Thx for commenting man. It's all in the twist in the end :D(For all those........ people out there, the hunter is a photographer lol.)
    • 14/06/2004
    • 03:59:24
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  • No way.....

    LOL! I like submitted that like..... 2 minutes ago....really.You should check out my free verse poem :D it's sick.
    • 14/06/2004
    • 02:26:16
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  • My bad.......

    Yes i know what you mean, if forgot to add my conclusion.It was not built for conlusion but it was built to go with one of my other peices of work, the act 1 scene 1 mafian translation of romeo and juliet. Just put it up then
    • 30/03/2004
    • 04:32:01
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