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  • Gosh!

    i wasn't quite expecting an ending like that.i thought the lad would be pulled to safety.very good for your age though.different,but a bit too graphic for me.
    • 30/07/2004
    • 16:06:59
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  • Hmmm

    it serves you right for begin so shallow although i would have felt exactly the same. having said that, i wouldnt meet up with sum1 i had met over the net.A very intersting and informative read.
    • 25/06/2004
    • 14:52:24
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    Wow!you really know how to make the reader want to keep on reading.great ending with the five bucks.well done and keep writing!
    • 22/05/2004
    • 06:15:03
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  • NICE!!!

    i like your ideas, and enjoyed reading it. good job!!!
    • 17/05/2004
    • 16:32:17
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  • Interestin

    i agree with the issues your raised but i am unsure of your purpose in this essay. were you trying to persuade me to think that way, or mearly inform me of your opinions. good topic to chose but please explain things a little more clearly. well done.
    • 17/05/2004
    • 15:52:33
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