Inspector Pen by C.Kenney

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Just to make things clear. I'm not your average inspector and I don't care who knows it. I like to think of myself as "hip and happening" because I usually wear the latest trends. Take today for instance. I wore my new brown, corduroy flares and a gorgeous floral shirt, which I only bought last week. I had flat shoes on because I'm tall enough as it is! I had my long golden hair loosely tied at the back of my head and my huge looped earrings, (which got tangled up in my hair!) showed off my golden eye shadow a treat. Nobody expects an inspector to look like that, but I'm no ordinary inspector. I'm Inspector Pen.

Chapter 1- A NEW CASE

"Pen, in here. Got a new case for you." Shouted Mr Williamson. He was my boss, a short, old looking man of 59, with grey hair and big bushy eyebrows.

He wore old-fashioned glasses, which had broken in the middle with sticky-tape wrapped around several times. He always wore a muddy coloured suit with a horrid mustard-yellow tie, which certainly did not match and old shoes that had never been polished. He had a very distinct odour, which lingered in every room he entered. He was a lonely man with no family, as his wife had left him many years ago because she felt that she could not compete with his commitment to his job. He now appeared to prefer being on his own, as he was an intolerant man. The only social life he seemed to enjoy was a quick swig of whisky with the office staff at Christmas time. Although he did not look the part, he had a sense of authority about him, which everyone in the office respected.

"Ok Sir," I...