Is Brazil Developed? Judge for yourselves.

Essay by Charli May 2004

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Is Brazil Developed?

In this project I have collected, analysed and evaluated evidence to help me to decide whether Brazil is a developed country or a developing country.

Introduction to Brazil

Brazil is the largest and most influential country in South America with a population of about 176 million, which is greater than the combined total for the whole of the rest of the continent. Brazil takes up almost half of South America.

The 6,448km long Amazon River runs through the North of Brazil and is the second largest in the world, and the Amazon Basin is the largest River Basin the world. The River and over a thousand tributaries drain an area of 6,150,000km" and carry one fifth of the world's fresh water out to sea. In the North East, Brazil has arid deserts with rolling grasslands in the South. The Amazonian Rainforest covers more than one third of Brazil and its exploitation has become a major environmental worry.

Brazil borders the Atlantic Ocean down the eastern side with the following countries bordering the North and West: - French Guiana; Suriname; Guyana; Venezuela; Columbia; Peru; Bolivia; Paraguay; Argentina; and Uruguay. Brazil lies between 5 North and 30 South of the Equator. So, it is possible to stand with one leg in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern Hemisphere! The Equator, therefore, runs through the extreme North of Brazil with Macapá and the Mouths of the Amazon on its line.

Brazil's correct title is "The Federal Republic of Brazil" and its 26 states are administered from its capital, Brasília, which was purpose built and now has a population of between 1 and 1.9 million people. However, São Paulo has 17 million inhabitants. (See population map). The highest point in Brazil is Pico da Neblina which is...