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  • Like this essay

    I really like the structure and content of this essay. However you did talk about elasticity at the beginning and you assumed the reader would know about it. May be you should have given a very brief description of elasticity. Furthermore you didn't state what type of elasticity: price, income or cross. Since you were talking about the firms demand curves I would have to assume it is price elasticity.
    • 12/05/2004
    • 08:44:16
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  • A.I. essay is good

    I think your essay was well done. Your examples were very good and relevant to the topic.Hopefully A.I would eventually become available some day but I don't think we have the programming language to allow a fully independent A.I. computer.
    • 11/05/2004
    • 23:37:17
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  • Extremely informative

    Very informative essay on antidepressants. The structure and organisation was also pretty good.
    • 11/05/2004
    • 22:49:57
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  • Very informative

    A very informative essay however some of the sentences were very brief and jerky. Probably a little better reorganisation is required.
    • 11/05/2004
    • 21:44:44
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  • Very good essay

    This essay was extremely well done. The information was well organised. May be in future the author could expand this to the women labour movement in the world. In most countries equality has not been achieved (eg Middle Eastern States).
    • 11/05/2004
    • 19:30:04
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  • Excellent Essay

    This was a very well written and informative essay. The structure was also very well done.
    • 11/05/2004
    • 19:17:22
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  • Interesting essay

    I think it was a very interesting essay and it was well written. There are some states that define marriage as between one man and woman. You said that gay marriage would not affect anyone however what about a person in a gay marriage having rights to adopt and other social issues.
    • 11/05/2004
    • 18:30:03
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  • Excellent

    This is an excellent essay. The structure was good however the author jumped in the timeline from 1990 to 1971. The author should have a precise timeline in ascending order of date.
    • 11/05/2004
    • 18:02:45
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  • Very concise

    I think that this essay was very concise to cover this subject area. Some of the point should have been expanded especially the last paragraph where you actually answered the question. Hitler's propaganda made it possible for this hatred for the Jews.
    • 11/05/2004
    • 11:17:04
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  • Good Essay but probably needed some examples

    This essay was pretty good in content but needed some examples. The author should have sited examples where hackers have done good such as exposing faults in operating systems such as Windows.However it was a well done essay
    • 11/05/2004
    • 11:05:20
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