Why did the ideas of Hitler make mass murder possible?

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The most important aspect of Hitler and his ideas was his hatred not only for the Jews but also of other lower ethnical classes. Hitler believed that his struggle was in the defense of the Almighty Creator. Hitler stated "by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord" (599). Taking away all other known history about Hitler; just his words alone can show his rhetoric for hate and a touch of future plans. In his statement from before Hitler says that he is "defending" himself against the Jew. But defensive means inaction or being prepared against an offensive. And as we all found out Hitler was an active person or an "offensive" person with his ideas.

In Mien Kampf, Hitler wrote about the parasitic Jew over and over again. He believed that the Jew is a parasite because the Jew had lived in the states of other people and not in a nation of their own.

The Jew in Hitler's eyes was feeding on the state and exploiting her natural resources of labor to succeed in their own plans of global domination. Hitler also believed that Jews were all about lies, wearing "cloaks" to hide their own thoughts and ideas.

Hitler came to power in Germany with lies and wearing a cloak of his own. His great speaking ability and promises of a better economy and a powerful fatherland allowed Hitler to finally act upon his ideas. Through his ideas and power Hitler had the opportunity to rid Germany of this "evil". Hitler believed that to have a strong nation, the Jew would have to be isolated and eliminated. Since the Jew in his words is a parasite, all would then have to be killed because one could spread this so...