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  • Grade?

    I am surprised that your grade on this paper is listed as 25%. Other than a couple spelling errors, I found this paper to be pretty least a 75%
    • 23/03/2005
    • 12:35:14
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  • Hmmm

    Not bad. Obvious that you have read the play. I wonder at your structure in places though and think that the use of more coherent quotes would tighten up your essay.
    • 15/03/2005
    • 11:42:18
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  • Good

    Very indepth and concise piece. Well thought out and laid out. Almost like a Cole's Notes :)
    • 15/03/2005
    • 11:39:56
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  • Clean it up

    Lots of good infor but irritating to read as there are lots of extraneous symbols throughout the piece.
    • 15/03/2005
    • 11:38:14
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  • Tyger - more questions than answers

    Well written but basically lacking in any real information. The author points out the variable questions and conundrums within the text but never gives any conclusive information as to what they could mean. If you wish to help someone understand a text you need to provide them with substance.
    • 19/01/2005
    • 08:28:59
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  • Accck!

    I am sorry but this essay is one of the worst "grammer" wise I have seen on here; and from a grade 13? My goodness....who marked this essay? This essay reads as though english is not the authors first language. If this is the case, well done, if not....urrr you may need to take a writing and grammer class.
    • 13/11/2004
    • 18:43:21
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  • Oh dear!

    Well, the bulk of this essay is quotes...hmmm...okay...if you need to pad an essay to meet a word count but in this case....I would like to see more of the author's words and not just extraction of someone elses article!
    • 08/11/2004
    • 21:14:17
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  • Agreed

    Ahhhh, sileas! I so agree with your minded I do believe.For me...ummm,I didn't buy into the imagery. Seemed that it was an exercise in using the most expressive words available without much thought to what was trying to be expressed. :(
    • 08/11/2004
    • 21:08:55
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  • Hmmm, okay.

    Well, I must say you followed the precepts of the process essay to the letter. Grammer was tight and punctuation well observed.Would this essay be useful to me? No.Far too simplistic and lacking in any "real" information. Not saying I don't like it, just saying it isn't one that would leave me feeling any more educated after reading.
    • 08/11/2004
    • 08:49:12
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  • Ah my poor heart!

    Oh my....I so badly wish to argue the merits of your essay with you but, sileas has done that so very well already. Yes, well written though the hammering of "He had no formal education" and "a mere country boy" give this essay a more personal feel to it rather than the detached argument point of view it should have.I must add this though, Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus", he most lucrative play though least popular today, is the only play that has reasonably supported claims of having been completed by someone other than Shakespeare. Look it up if you really are interested, I'll not belabor the point.
    • 08/11/2004
    • 08:43:24
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  • Hmmmm

    While not badly written I don't feel you actually captured the true essence of Big Daddy. This essay actually wanders away from Big Daddy and ends up being about Brick (check your conclusion para)Brick actually doesn't feel any guilt about "killing the life in Big Daddy", his guilt lies in not being able to reconcile his sexual feelings toward another man.I would suggest renaming this essay to something else as it isn't really about what your title suggests it is.
    • 03/11/2004
    • 08:37:46
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  • Gay Marriage: A privilege or a right?

    I want to say at the outset that I believe this is a well written paper. Informative, concise and clearly is the problem with accurately reporting your grade on a paper? I would like to know where the professeur is that gave this paper a 4.0? There are an over abundance of spelling errors and grammatical inaccuracies within the text that a 3rd year College student should have been penalized for. The following is a just a sprinkling of excerpts reflecting this."He means that he does not believe either democracy or succession is the absolute best form of governmental these things depend on circumstances" - wow, what the heck does this sentence mean?"the liberty which the law out to allow of, and leave in existence" - ought the law allow this?"nut in a purely critical" - nuts weren't the subject of this essayAll in all for a grade 10 student, yes a A but this person? Hmmm, 75% - maybe 80% if a teaching assistant marked it. IMHO
    • 30/10/2004
    • 09:14:47
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  • The Historical depictions in the film, the Mission

    A very informative essay with lots of historical information. I however, not knowing the history of the Spanish churches am not sure of the accuracy of this information.I did find a number of grammatical errors that made it a little dificult to believe that an OAC student would receive an 85% on this essay. I would suggest perhaps a 70% is more likely. Very coherent chronologically and well laid out.
    • 30/10/2004
    • 09:00:38
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  • The Boss

    Nicely written and very descriptive. I would hesitate to use so many \"show them\" type of sentances however.\"Obviously, the man was there for an unusual purpose.\"It is 2am, a reader can already assume that the man\'s presence is not for legitimate activity. Perhaps revising this sentance to something like....\"Dang! Dang!The hour of two clanged through the darkness, falling onto the empty streets below where the man stood, waiting.\"This (IMHO) adds to the gloom and anticipatory feeling that you\'ve already set up and at the same time gives the reader a reference point of time and activity to come without being obvious in the telling.
    • 26/10/2004
    • 09:43:59
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