Shakespeare a Fraud?

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William Shakespeare was a total fraud who never wrote anything because of his lack of a good education, failure to travel the world, and lack of a noble background. If these facts are carefully examined, it becomes obvious that someone other than Shakespeare wrote "his" poems and plays.

The erudite language of Shakespeare's works proves that a man of his simple education could not possibly right in such a manner. William Shakspere, his traditional name, was born in Stratford-on-Avon, England in 1564 (Delahoyde). His father was a craftsman and minor merchant, and later became a member of the town council and held offices in the town's government. Children of councilmen were entitled to free tuition at the Stratford Grammar School, so Shakspere almost certainly attended it. It was a private school that included levels equivalent to today's elementary and high school. He learned basic Latin, the rules of prose and poetic composition, English history, Greek and Roman history and mythology.

Shakspere never received a cerebral education because the grammar school at which he attended only taught the basics of a few subjects. This is one of the main reasons why he could not have been the Shakespeare who wrote hundreds of poems and plays. Only a learned man who received a formal education and attended a university could have written such ingenious masterpieces. Furthermore, Shakespeare speaks of royal courts of law in some of his plays. Because of his lack of a formal education or attendance at a university Shakspere had no knowledge of how matters were handled in law. Only a person who was well educated and had experience in courts of law could have written these plays. Therefore, because of his frugal education, Shakspere could not have written poetry and plays.

Further removing him as a...