Cliff notes on Huckleberry Finn

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Chapter 1

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Huckleberry Finn begins where things left off after The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Huck and Tom Sawyer had become rich from all of the treasure they discovered and the Widow Douglas has adopted Huck. She tries to civilize Huck in many different ways, including giving him new, clean clothes, teaching him about the Bible and God, and trying to educate him on things like spelling and reading. The Widow Douglas' sister, Miss Watson, even comes to try and help. Huck is not comfortable with their civilized ways; he just wants to be in his old rags and smoke.

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Huck goes up to bed and is lonely and scared. He hears all sorts of creepy noises outside and this frightens him. Soon, he hears the sound of a cat's meow, and he knows that it is Tom.

Huck meows back, climbs out the window, slips into the trees, and sees Tom waiting there for him.

Tom and Huck creep into the trees and climb down to the widow's garden. They see Miss Watson's slave, Jim, sitting at the kitchen door. They try to be quiet so Jim won't hear them, but Jim hears noises anyway. He keeps on asking, "Who's there?" Huck itches all over and tries not to scratch himself so he doesn't make any noise. Tom plays a joke on Jim and secretly hangs his hat above his head. Afterwards, Jim tells stories to all the other slaves about how witches bewitched him that night.

Tom and Huck eventually make it to the top of the hill. They go down the hill and meet up with a couple of their buddies. They all go down the river and Tom shows them...