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  • Not bad

    Is not a bad plot summary. I personally think there should be more opinion. "nilats" say there should be more religios in deeper ways, it would be nice. But considering this is only a grade 10 essay, I wouldn't expect much more.
    • 14/04/2005
    • 17:04:03
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  • Is this a paragraph out of some review somewhere else?

    I agree with 'hajirsailors', it is way too short for something called an essay. If this is suppose to be an essay, please point out the objective of this essay. If this is an editorial review, then please do not start like you are writing an introduction to an essay. Your "essay" might want a conclusion of some sort. This paragraph is more like a paragraph from a real essay.
    • 09/03/2005
    • 23:36:45
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