This is an A-1 study guide. It earned me an A on my test on World War II. It has the events leading up to World War II up until the end of World War II.

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1)Rise of Nazis Germany

Hitler claimed Germany needed more living space. They took steps towards Austria, but pulled back when Italy mobilized. When they were Allies, Germany again went into Austria claiming that they were providing political stability.

2)Use of the cause of German unity for Hitler's expansion of territory

Hitler claimed that he was uniting Germans and providing political stability by uniting German-speaking individuals into one nation.

3)Adolf and the "New Order"

Hitler envisioned that the Nazis would rule Europe and the non-Germans would serve them while they live off of resources.

4)Appeasement and Neville Chamberlain

Granting Concessions to maintain peace, Chamberlain gave up Sudenland to Hitler. This he believed would make Hitler stop. This made him lose the support of his people and his own party.

5)Maginot Line

A stone barrier that was impossible to penetrate with tanks, only one flaw, a 50-mile gap in Ardennes.

6)Rhineland occupation

German was not allowed! German was not allowed to occupy the land between the Rhine and France according to the Treaty of Versailles.

7)Nazi racial policies and the treatment of

conquered peoples and minorities

Hitler was trying to make his "New Order" a reality. He took all the riches of the conquered nations; he made the people work for him in concentration camps. He killed most regular people; he killed many Jews, very racist policy of genocide.

8)Mussolini and the Italian fascists

First invaded Ethiopia, the League of Nations said it was both of their faults. When Italy invaded again Ethiopia went before LON and LON imposes sanctions.

9)Haile Selassie

Emperor of Ethiopia went before LON and asked for help when Italy invaded second time.

10)Invasion of Poland

Hitler wanted to take over Danzig and Polish Corridor, Poland refused. The democratic notions send troops to protect, Poland line if need...