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The purpose of writing this assignment is to find out a marketing strategy of a company. We have included marketing mix that is place, product, promotion and also price. Besides that, research of marketing environment is also written in this assignment so we can figure out more details about the company that we have chosen in this assignment.

The company that we have chosen for this assignment is Honda Motor Co Ltd and primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycle. Honda is the world biggest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959 and world's largest internal combustion engines. There are many type of series car from Honda Motor Co Ltd and we have chosen Hybrid as our target to do the research.

A hybrid vehicle is to use two or more different power sources to move the vehicle. The term most commonly refers to a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), which combines one or more of the internal combustion engine and electric motor.

However, other mechanisms to capture and use energy is included. Hybrid technology is more environment friendly compare to using petrol because burning petrol in our car will produce CO2 gas and too much of carbon dioxide gas will bring harmful to our earth and also causing global warming.

Honda Insight is introduced in 1999 as the first hybrid car in the company. The first generation was produced in 1999-2006. At year 2006 February, the second generation of Insight is introduced and is the least expensive hybrid car in US. Honda Insight was the cheapest petrol-electronic car on the market and ranked as the top selling vehicle in japan 2009.