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Alicia Edouard

By looking at the novel Nineteen Eighty-four, written by George Orwell, the protagonist Winston Smith shows the readers a predicted totalitarian state known as Oceania. There, Big Brother, the virtual leader of the state, is watching everyone through numerous telescreens and dreadful police. The party's slogans, like "War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength." In chapter one, page four are all written in Newspeak, which is demanded to the Denizens daily lives as well as the method of Doublethink. All these aspects are engaged by the Party to maintain its control over Oceania in order to maintain the power of people. For the very pure power, the party keeps people under the operation of the Ministry of Love, and imposes them using Newspeak with Doublethink to control their minds with confusion. The Party always keeps an eye on its people by its fearful government to preserve the dictatorship.

This is done in the service of the Ministry of Love. In the world of Nineteen Eighty-four, it's full of telescreens. Through them, the thought police on behalf of Big Brother, the Party, and the Ministry of Love, spies on everyone in order to observe any skeptical activity. Even a nervous tic of the party's announcement will not be neglected. As a result, citizens living in Oceania have to obey the Party's dominance and to behave as religious as possible. Otherwise, the torture of the Ministry of Love and Room 101 will be their neglect. Room 101 is considered as the worst thing in the world; it contains the ultimate fear of every single person. It is obvious that no one is ever willing to face their biggest fear, even after the brutal torturing. By encountering their unconquerable fears, they, who are considered skeptical, will mightily accept...