2. The main characteristics of a marketing oriented organization for Vinamit

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The main characteristics of a marketing oriented organization for Vinamit

In the past, most organizations used product oriented approach as the principle of their operation. However, the indispensable importance of marketing in business today has resulted in the appearance of a new term called marketing oriented organization . Market orientation is a set of cross-functional processes and activities directed and created at satisfying the customers through continuous need-assessment (Deshpandé, 1999). Nowadays, almost every organization is moving towards a more marketing oriented approach. It is obvious that market oriented organizations outperform the non-market oriented ones (Drysdale, 1999).

Marketing oriented organizations have some main typical characteristics . The most significant feature of these companies is the focus on customers. It is essential for a marketing oriented business to put their customers the first priority. This leads to the difference in organizational structure of this type of business. In this case, the marketing manager plays an important role in the manager board of the company.

The activities of the business should concentrate on what customers need and want. Only by dividing customers into small groups, can the company determine their specific demand. This method will absolutely raise the sales of goods because customers will find it easier to buy their favorite products. It will be more effective if the businesses provide customer care services which are suitable to their customers. The last characteristic of marketing oriented organizations is that marketing should bring benefit to the society. In other words, marketing should help organization make profit as well as contribute to bettering the society.

In the case of Vinamit, this company has almost every typical characteristic of a marketing oriented organization. The slogan of the business is "being sweet and delicious naturally". Vinamit also defines its vision and mission...