2004 Election

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The interest of a nation should always be towards the majority of the population, who are generally poor. A Viet Nam war veteran fits into the majority in the US in 2004, a group who has more needs than the minority rich, therefore requiring a liberalistic government. The Federal government should be taking a strong part in regulating of business and keeping laws on citizens need a standardized throughout the country. The US's recession needs to be headed off with government spending and programs. The government should continue to allow documented immigrants in, because they deserve a better chance just as all US citizens previously had, while their labor keeps our cost of living low. The government needs to allow more choice to a person's individual rights to better accommodate their life style, ethnicity, and religion. There are plenty of alternative methods of getting energy, no need to use land protected by the government.

The quality of public education must be increased in order to level the playing fields with private schools and eventually eliminate the need for private schools.

The government's main role is protecting US citizens and businesses, not letting them fend for themselves, but regulating commerce and providing opportunities for people in need. The Public Works Administration needs to be fully reinstated to get jobs for people suffering from lay offs. The states can't be trusted in doing this in a uniform manner, so the Federal government must accomplish the goal. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act apparently hasn't been carried out lately because monopolies are showing up again, forcing lay offs, lower wages, and higher product costs. Only the Federal government has enough power and money to dismember the monopolies and restore jobs and equal business practices. Napster is just one example of the unregulated online crazes. Although...