3.1 Compare and contrast the work done by one agency/organisation or worker that done by another

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In this essay I will briefly explain the similarity of a care worker and voluntary youth workers.

The purpose and aim of a youth worker is to help young people aged between 11 to 25 on issues effecting their lives such as health, education, employment, and there environment, a youth worker will use various methods in addressing these issues.

Similarly a care worker's aim and purpose is more or less the same but a care worker does not have any age restriction to who he may work with.

A care worker may do the same as a youth worker in addressing service users on issues such as health, education , employment and there environment bearing in mind that the service user may be mentally or physically disable and require additional help and supervision.

Both youth workers and care workers have to undergo a process of a enhanced criminal record bureau check (crb) because both workers work with a range of people who may be vulnerable.

A youth worker and care worker require to have relevant experience and a range of skills such as communication skills, for example a youth worker may work with a child who has learning difficulty, the youth worker will use various activities and methods to communicate with that individual, similarly a care worker may be working with a person who cannot talk or listen, the care worker will use different communication methods in addressing the issue and also involve the family members for additional help.

Both jobs can be done as voluntary or paid, both the organisations will focus on a persons experience, qualification, training and many other qualities before employing a care worker or a youth worker.

A care worker must undergo various training procedure depending on the service users needs.

A care worker and youth worker will be supervised by a senior member of the organisation until thy are comfortable working alone.