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Subject: 6 Trait writing You park your car. As you walk away, a tree falls on it. What would you do from this point on? Well, if a tree fell on my car, I would yell a few well-placed cuss words. Then, go over and kick the tree (It would make me feel better). Now id figure out the size of the tree and see if I could push it off, if I could, id push it off. If I couldn't, then Id go see the owner of the lot the tree was on. If it was in front his house or business, then he's paying for it, or I take his car.

OR After the tree fell on my car, I go and ask the owner of the lot if he has homeowners insurance, and if I can use his phone to call my insurance.

After a tiring legal battle, id finally get him, or his insurance to pay for my car. He would have to pay for every thing, including the emotional trauma I had at the point of the impact of tree to car.