How adaptable was the form of the classical symphony to the computational aspiration of composers of the romantic era

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MU104 Music History I: 18th and 19th Centuries: Assignment 1

Write a review of a recording of the finale (4th movement) of Haydn's String

Quartet Op. 33 No. 2.

Joseph Haydn, a self-taught composer born near Vienna made his impact on the

world composing 100+ symphonies, c.80 string quartets, misc chamber and

ensemble music, piano sonatas, oratorios and operas. There are a number of

characteristics that determine the bright and unexpectedness of Haydn's work then

that of other composers. The use of unexpected modulation and key contrasts, the

use of wind instruments, mono thematic sonata form, contrapuntal textures, and

cleverly delaying and disguising of material. *Haydn's use of rondo form is present

in the finales of nos. 2,3 and 4. The rondo finales of op.33 match the light and

playful character of the entire set and follow the popular fashion for the rondo.


development of the string quartet op.33 no.2 , 4th movt. mirrors that of the

symphony. In the key of E flat major, it is known as "the joke", perhaps the light-

heartedness and joy of this piece would suit this title accurately. The Attacca

Quartet, formed at the Juilliard school in 2003, certainly duplicates the joy of

Haydn's original development on April 14, 2011 at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church,

New York City. The four-piece made their professional debut in 2007 as part of the

artists international winners series in Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall. First prize

winners of the 7th Osaka International chamber music competition in 2011, top

prize winners and listeners 'choice award' recipients in the 2011 Melbourne

international chamber music competition and winners of the Alice Coleman grand

prize at the 60th annual Coleman chamber ensemble competition in 2006. Violinist

Amy Schroeder and Keiko Tokunaga, violist Luke Fleming...