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Jakub Gibczynski

Sue Muecke

ENG 1020

1st June 2011

Dear Tom,

America with only 5% of the world's population, use over 60% of prohibited drugs. Drugs and alcohol are the one of the dominant causes of injuries or deaths of teenagers and adults in US and the rest of the world. However, is alcohol and drugs the only things that you can be addicted to? In year 2006 you met my sister, Magda, during one of the parties in my home city, Lodz. Soon after, you started dating and fall in love with each other. You moved in together, and everything was perfect. Both of you looked like a perfect couple and it was not until 2010 that first problems started appearing. You had a really great job, and could support a whole family in the future. As a most of guys in Poland you are a sports fan and after work like to watch various sport events on TV.

During 2010 you and your friend Mike started betting on games. In the beginning it looked like a small hobby that you like to do from time to time, however, with time you started betting more and more. I totally understand what you are thinking, I like sports as well. In addition, innocent bet with me or your friends is totally acceptable. Soon after, my sister raised few concerns about your relationship's well being. You started to bet a lot of money, sometimes you were wining but mostly losing. Magda tried to explain to you that the hobby turned to an addiction; however, you had a different opinion about what addiction really is. You were sure that a person can be addicted only to alcohol or drugs, not anything else. "Addiction is a disease, you can be treated, just admit...